Chapter 322 - Don’t Touch Me

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Chapter 322: Don’t Touch Me

Fu Ying let go of Qu Ru, then watched her fall to the ground and pant violently. His heart didn’t soften at all. He only replied expressionlessly, “Give me the video and I’ll tell you everything I found out about you. It can save your life.”

“I don’t believe you. How can you prove that what you said is true?” Qu Ru held her throat as she stared at Fu Ying with red eyes.

“If not for Rao Rao’s video, being in your hands, I would really want you dead. You can take a gamble. Even if the video gets out, I will still be with her, but your life will be gone.” Fu Ying looked at Qu Ru with disdain, as if he was looking at a maggot in a smelly ditch.

Qu Ru’s mind was in a mess. She didn’t know if she should believe Fu Ying’s words. If she didn’t, what if her life was really in danger?

She just couldn’t understand. Who else would want her dead? She was a member of the Qu family now.

“The birthday banquet is about to begin. I’ll give you three minutes to consider it.” Fu Ying had the upper hand now.

“Who is it? Tell me first!” Qu Ru had a feeling that Fu Ying wasn’t lying. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have endured it for so long.

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During this period of time, he had endured it because he was looking for a chance to counterattack.

Now, he had found the opportunity to counterattack.

Time passed. When three minutes were up, Fu Ying turned around and left.

“Wait!” Qu Ru finally stopped him. “Alright, I can make a deal with you. After the birthday banquet, I’ll destroy all the other video copies in front of you.”

Fu Ying smiled. It seemed like she valued her own life very much.

After a while, Mo Rao saw Fu Ying return with Qu Ru behind him. However, their expressions had completely changed.

Fu Ying had a relaxed expression, but Qu Ru’s initial smugness and anger was gone. Qu Ru looked gloomy, as if she had encountered a difficult problem.

“I’m bored from sitting around. I’m going out for a walk.” Qu You felt that Fu Ying and Mo Rao were a perfect match, but their relationship had been ruined by Qu Ru, the mistress. She stood up and stretched before leaving.

Mo Rao was the only one left on the sofa. Without thinking, Fu Ying walked over and sat down, but he still kept a distance from her to prevent her from feeling uncomfortable.

Mo Rao didn’t want to sit with Fu Ying. She stood up to leave, but Fu Ying grabbed her wrist. “Rao Rao.”

“Fu Ying, there are so many people here. Can you be more mindful of your behavior?” Mo Rao was shocked and quickly shook off Fu Ying’s hand.

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“I have something to tell you.” Fu Ying didn’t care about the public impact. He wasn’t Shen Feng. Everyone in the Fu family supported him in pursuing Mo Rao, so even if there were rumors about him and Mo Rao, Mo Wan and Fu Lin would be very happy to see it.

As long as he didn’t use any disgusting methods and didn’t hurt Mo Rao, it would be fine.

Mo Rao lowered her voice. “You just finished talking to Qu Ru, and now you’re here to talk to me? President Fu, you’re quite busy.”

“I’m not busy. As long as you’re willing to give me time, I’m willing to be with you 24/7.” Fu Ying didn’t hide his feelings for her.

Mo Rao was very embarrassed to hear such mushy words. If other people heard Fu Ying, they would think that the two of them were back together again.

Fortunately, Mo Yuan returned at this moment.

He had seen Old Madam Qu from afar just now and wanted to greet her, but there were too many people around her and he wasn’t familiar with Old Madam Qu, so he could only come back first and find an opportunity later.

Unexpectedly, the moment he returned, he saw Fu Ying pestering Mo Rao. He was furious and rushed over to shield Mo Rao behind him. He warned Fu Ying, “Fu Ying, show some respect and don’t touch my sister!”

“You’ve misunderstood.” Fu Ying wanted to explain.

“What did I misunderstand? I saw it with my own eyes. You grabbed her hand. This is the Qu family’s home. There are so many people here, yet you’re touching her. Why are you so shameless?” Whenever Mo Yuan scolded Fu Ying, he was merciless.

Even though there were people around, he still scolded Fu Ying.

Some people couldn’t help but look over when they heard the commotion. However, when they met Fu Ying’s cold and gloomy gaze, they were so frightened that they quickly retracted their gaze and pretended not to see anything.

“Brother, let’s not argue with him. It’s not suitable for today’s occasion. Let’s go,” Mo Rao pulled Mo Yuan and said softly.

Mo Yuan wanted to beat Fu Ying up, but Mo Rao was right. This occasion wasn’t suitable and would delay their plans.