Chapter 323 - Expose Him

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Chapter 323: Expose Him

“Alright, I won’t argue with you today. Please stay away from Mo Rao in the future,” Mo Yuan warned Fu Ying.

With that, he pulled Mo Rao away. Fu Ying stood on the spot and stared at their backs with a sinister expression.

As Qu Ru watched this scene from afar, jealousy surged in her heart. Why was the man she coveted so much unwilling to even look at her, but acting so inferior in front of Mo Rao? This world was really unfair.

But for the sake of her life, she had to endure it.

She could hand the video to Fu Ying, but it didn’t mean that she would give up on taking revenge on Mo Rao.

Today was a good opportunity. She wouldn’t let Mo Rao off.

At noon, Qu Xue appeared with Old Madam Qu. She was dressed luxuriously and greeted everyone gracefully.

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Mo Rao stared at Qu Xue and Qu Qing. Were these two the ones who set up her mother?

Qu Xue was the center of attention. After she gave a speech on stage, she called for everyone to enjoy their time.

Suddenly, her gaze landed on Mo Rao and her expression changed.

Old Madam Qu also noticed Mo Rao. She had seen Mo Rao last time, but they didn’t talk much. This time, when she felt Mo Rao staring at her, she felt an inexplicable feeling in her heart, as if she was very familiar with her.

“Mom, let me help you get to rest.” Old Madam Qu was old and didn’t like such festive occasions. She would only come out to show her face before returning to her room to rest.

Old Madam Qu nodded and walked to her room with Qu Xue’s help.

The guests present were drinking expensive champagne and red wine while chatting happily. This wasn’t only a birthday banquet, but also a good opportunity for business exchanges.

Mo Rao and Mo Yuan exchanged looks. The two of them wanted to follow them, but they would be easily discovered.

“I’ll go. Rao Rao, stay here.” Mo Yuan felt that he wouldn’t arouse that much suspicion if he went alone.

“I’ll keep an eye on Qu Xue and the others. I’ll send you a message if there’s any movement,” When Mo Rao saw Qu Xue return, she whispered to Mo Yuan.

“Okay,” Mo Yuan replied and left.

Mo Rao looked around in the crowd. Actually, she didn’t know many people, so she was focused enough to keep an eye on Qu Xue and Qu Qin.

After Shen Feng chatted with a few friends, he came to look for Mo Rao. He asked, “Where’s Mo Yuan?”

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“He went to look for Old Madam Qu,” Mo Rao replied. “It’ll be too eye-catching if the two of us go together. I’ll stay here and keep an eye on Qu Xue and Qu Qin.”

Shen Feng nodded. According to the information he had obtained from the investigation, Old Madam Qu had the intention to hand the Qu family over to Qu Jian and Qu Xue to manage together. As for her second son, Qu Qin, he could only get a portion of the money, which was enough to live on.

Old Madam Qu valued her daughter, Qu Xue, very much, so it was very likely that she would cover up for her. Even if she knew that her youngest daughter had been set up by her third daughter, she would choose to settle the matter peacefully. After all, Qu Xue had grown up under Old Madam Qu’s watch and Old Madam Qu had poured a lot of effort into nurturing her. Her missing youngest daughter was already dead.

“Drink less. It’s not good for your stomach.” Shen Feng reminded Mo Rao softly when he saw that she was about to drink.

“Alright, I’ll drink some water.” Mo Rao obediently put down her wine glass and poured a glass of water to drink.

Shen Feng liked Mo Rao’s docile appearance the most. If not for the occasion, he really wanted to touch Mo Rao’s face.

At this moment, Fu Ying appeared on the other side of Mo Rao. He looked at Shen Feng provocatively as he asked, “Why are you here? Aren’t you going to chat with your blind date?”

The heiress that Old Madam Shen was most satisfied with was also here, but Shen Feng ignored her.

Shen Feng didn’t want Mo Rao to know that his grandmother objected to her, so Fu Ying said this to embarrass him.

“Shut up,” Shen Feng said angrily.

“Didn’t you tell Mo Rao that your grandmother objected to your relationship? She even introduced you to many rich girls.” Fu Ying laughed evilly.

Even if he was scolded and beaten up by Shen Feng, it was fine. He wanted to make Mo Rao come to her senses. Old Madam Shen was a mean person. If Shen Feng continued to persevere, Mo Rao would be the one who would be hurt. Who knew what Old Madam Shen would do?

If Fu Ying wanted to protect Mo Rao, he had to let her stay away from Shen Feng.

Mo Rao was very surprised. She didn’t expect so many things to happen while she was participating in a show. However, she wasn’t unhappy or jealous at all. She even hoped that Shen Feng could accept the blind date and find a suitable wife.

“Shen Feng, is that true?” Mo Rao widened her eyes and asked Shen Feng.