Chapter 326 - The Medicine Is Too Strong

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Chapter 326: The Medicine Is Too Strong

Fu Ying’s body was very strong and his stamina was very good. He always satisfied her very much in bed. Every time, he would torture Mo Rao until she was about to collapse before letting her go.

The current Mo Rao needed such rough treatment. As she panted, she couldn’t help but fiddle with her skirt.

Fu Ying already knew that Mo Rao had been drugged. After he punched Yan Qiang to the ground, Yan Qiang confessed everything.

He was very angry and wanted to teach that bastard a lesson, but when he thought about how Mo Rao was suffering now, he could only let Yan Qiang go first and look for Mo Rao.

In the past two years, he had missed Mo Rao deeply and had never touched other women. Even when he was very lonely, he would reject women who took the initiative to come to him.

It was a miracle that a man with strong desires like him was able to hold it in for two years. He wondered if there was anything wrong with him after holding it in for so long.

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He could test it out today.

Fu Ying’s expression darkened, and desire burned in them. Mo Rao’s horny look was the best aphrodisiac for him, and it made him unable to control himself.

“Fu Ying, go out…” Mo Rao held on to her last bit of rationality as she tried to push Fu Ying out.

However, Fu Ying grabbed her hand instead. His voice was a little hoarse as he said, “What will you do if I leave? Rao Rao, I can help you.”

“No! I don’t need it!” Mo Rao sobered up and pushed Fu Ying hard.

However, after her hand touched his body, Mo Rao felt even limper and could barely stand. Fu Ying took the opportunity to pull her into his arms and lowered his head to kiss her. Her cherry lips were soft and sweet, and there was even the taste of alcohol, making him even more titillated.

Mo Rao no longer had the strength to refuse. She let Fu Ying pry open her lips and his tongue entered her mouth. Then, she let out erotic moans.

Fu Ying’s hand wandered around her drenched body and touched the zipper on her back. He pulled down the zipper and took off the dress from top to bottom. Her bra was the last obstacle. He took it off directly. Her pink and soft breasts jumped out and pressed against his warm chest.

Fu Ying placed his hands on Mo Rao’s chest and rubbed it gently from time to time. Mo Rao’s body was already sensitive to begin with, and now that she was drugged with an aphrodisiac, she couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t help but moan in comfort. “Ah… it’s so comfortable…”

“I’ll make you feel more comfortable.” Fu Ying let go of Mo Rao’s rosy lips and carried her to the sofa to sit down. Then, he grabbed Mo Rao’s slender waist and placed her on his lap. His erect private part was also pressed against Mo Rao’s lady part, but there was still underwear between them.

Mo Rao wriggled her waist in discomfort and rubbed her most private part against Fu Ying. In the next second, her underwear was taken off and thrown aside.

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“Untie me.” Fu Ying panted as he ordered Mo Rao.

Mo Rao’s hand reached for his belt and she undid it anxiously. She unzipped his pants and underwear. The terrifyingly huge private part popped out.

Mo Rao touched it with her hand and then moved her butt. At that moment, she felt a huge sense of fulfillment, excitement, and satisfaction.

“Ah ah ah…” Mo Rao couldn’t help but moan. She wrapped her arms around Fu Ying’s neck, and her petite body moved up and down on the man’s legs. The sounds were very erotic.

Fu Ying was overjoyed. He looked at Mo Rao, who was already feverish, and didn’t care if she would be angry when she came back to her senses. Now, he only wanted to bang her.

He bit the bouncing breast in front of him, causing Mo Rao to tremble again and move even more vigorously.

Fu Ying sucked the nipples on Mo Rao’s chest and hugged her round butt with one hand to support her so that she wouldn’t be too tired.

“Lie down.” After a while, Fu Ying patted Mo Rao’s butt and put her down.

Mo Rao immediately lay on the sofa with her butt facing Fu Ying, inviting him to come over.

Fu Ying pried open her fair buttocks, revealing a deep hole. Then, he stuck his body part in without hesitation. Mo Rao couldn’t help but cry out before climaxing.

However, one orgasm wasn’t enough. The drug had yet to wear off. Mo Rao twisted her butt and quickly urged Fu Ying to penetrate her again.