Chapter 327 - Lying

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Mo Rao’s initiative and promiscuity made Fu Ying feel a sense of accomplishment. He used even greater strength. Every time, he penetrated deeply. Mo Rao felt like she was about to be completely penetrated.

The two of them made erotic sounds from time to time as they made love passionately.

Qu Ru was listening outside the door. She was so angry that her expression darkened. There were a few times when she wanted to knock on the door or kick it open to interrupt the adulterous couple’s lovemaking!

However, she didn’t dare to do so. She didn’t know what clues Fu Ying had that could save her life. If she angered him, she would be in big trouble.

Yan Qiang was so useless. Mo Rao had already drunk the aphrodisiac, but he still couldn’t settle the matter. He was really a good-for-nothing!

After a while, Qu Ru couldn’t take it anymore and turned to leave.

After Mo Yuan came out of Old Madam Qu’s room, his expression was solemn yet relaxed.

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He was basically certain that Old Madam Qu didn’t know the truth behind her youngest daughter’s disappearance back then. Furthermore, she had never stopped searching for her all these years, but there was no news of her.

He returned to the banquet hall and wanted to call Mo Rao home because he had already gotten the answer he wanted to get out of Old Madam Qu. Next, he had to discuss how to deal with Qu Xue and Qu Qin.

Mo Yuan looked around the crowd but didn’t see Mo Rao. Shen Feng was also looking for her. He had been with his business partner just now and didn’t pay attention to Mo Rao for a moment. Now, he couldn’t find her.

“I’ve looked for her on that side, but I haven’t found her.” Shen Feng went to the back garden but didn’t see Mo Rao.

“That’s strange. Why didn’t he pick up the call?” Mo Yuan called, but Mo Rao didn’t pick up. This made him feel that something was wrong. Did something happen?

At this moment, Shen Feng glanced at the second floor. “Could it be that she’s too tired, so she went to the second floor to rest?”

Mo Yuan also thought of this possibility, so he went upstairs.

There were seven to eight lounges on the second floor. Mo Yuan and Shen Feng searched them one by one. Some of the lounge doors were open, and there was no one inside. Some were locked, and someone was resting inside.

When Shen Feng arrived at the last lounge, he tried to push open the door but couldn’t.

A man and a woman were talking inside, but they couldn’t hear what was said.

That woman’s voice was Mo Rao’s.

“Rao Rao?!” Shen Feng shouted through the door.

The room instantly fell silent. Mo Yuan also walked over and asked, “In this room?”

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Shen Feng nodded, but he had a bad feeling because that man’s voice belonged to Fu Ying.

“Rao Rao, open the door!” Mo Yuan shouted.

The door still didn’t open. Shen Feng frowned. “I think Fu Ying is inside too. Could something have happened?”

Hearing this, Mo Yuan immediately became anxious and prepared to kick the door open.

At this critical moment, the door opened. Mo Rao and Fu Ying appeared in front of them. Mo Rao was drenched and wearing Fu Ying’s suit jacket. Mo Rao’s face was flushed.

Fu Ying looked very relaxed and satisfied.

There was also… the smell of after-sex in the room!

Shen Feng and Mo Yuan’s expressions darkened, especially Mo Yuan. He grabbed Fu Ying’s collar. “What the hell did you do to her?!”

“The two of us didn’t do anything.” Fu Ying was in a good mood. Even though Mo Yuan was grabbing his collar, he still looked relaxed. “I only did her a favor. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her yourself.”

Indeed, he had only helped her resolve her physiological needs. At this moment, some of Fu Ying’s ‘things’ were still lingering in Mo Rao’s body and were slowly flowing out. She had no choice but to clamp her legs. With a flustered look, she said, “Nothing happened between Fu Ying and me. I came to the lounge to rest. When I went to the washroom, I accidentally turned on the shower button and was drenched. I couldn’t find where the two of you were, so I could only ask Fu Ying to come over and lend me his suit jacket.”

Mo Rao wasn’t good at lying, but she still braced herself and lied. She didn’t dare to look into Mo Yuan’s eyes.

“It’s that simple?” Mo Yuan didn’t believe it. Mo Rao looked more like…

“Then what else do you want? What do you want me to do to her?” Fu Ying interrupted Mo Yuan and sneered. “Do you really want your sister to be humiliated by me?”