Chapter 328 - Breakup Statement

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Chapter 328: Breakup Statement

“Because you’re trash!” Mo Yuan gritted his teeth and cursed.

At this moment, Mo Rao was physically and mentally exhausted and felt very guilty. She didn’t want to continue standing here. She only wanted to go back, take a shower, and sleep. She wanted to forget all the embarrassing things that happened just now.

“Brother, let’s go back!” Mo Rao grabbed Mo Yuan’s hand, her voice quivering slightly.

Mo Yuan still wanted to continue questioning Fu Ying, but when he saw his sister’s pale face, his heart softened. Regardless of whether Fu Ying had done anything to Mo Rao, things might blow up if he questioned her now and it would ruin Mo Rao’s reputation.

Therefore, he could only suppress the anger in his heart and leave with Mo Rao.

Shen Feng immediately turned around and followed. Before he left, he glared at Fu Ying.

Fu Ying didn’t care since he was satisfied just now. After so long, he finally got to have sex with Mo Rao again. Although it was a little shameless in that situation, they enjoyed the process very much.

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When they returned to the car, Mo Rao wrapped Fu Ying’s coat around herself tightly because she was afraid that the smell on her body would be too obvious.

“Shen Feng, go back first. I’ll take care of Mo Rao. Don’t worry.” Mo Yuan rolled down the window and said to Shen Feng.

Shen Feng’s identity was different. It was definitely impossible for him to leave just like that.

However, he was very worried about Mo Rao and didn’t want to stay in the Qu family’s home anymore.

“Shen Feng, I’m fine. Don’t delay business because of me,” Mo Rao said to Shen Feng, but she didn’t dare to look into his eyes. Her mind was filled with the scene of her having sex with Fu Ying just now. It was extremely intense and exciting.

If Fu Ying hadn’t helped her, she didn’t know what she would have done.

She couldn’t blame Fu Ying for this. Under such circumstances, if Fu Ying didn’t touch her, she wouldn’t be able to find a solution. If he carried her out and sent her to the hospital, more people would know and she would be too ashamed to face anyone.

At least no one knew what had happened now. Even Mo Yuan and Shen Feng were only suspicious, but didn’t know for sure.

“I’ll see you tonight.” Shen Feng could only suppress the reluctance and worry in his heart as he instructed gently, “Go back and take a shower. Otherwise, you’ll catch a cold.”

Hearing Shen Feng’s gentle instructions, Mo Yuan felt rueful. He really wanted Mo Rao to accept Shen Feng. Such a good man was extremely precious.

However, he had to respect Mo Rao’s choice and couldn’t interfere too much.

“Alright, we’ll leave now.” After Mo Yuan said goodbye, he drove away. He didn’t have time to tell Mo Rao about his meeting with Old Madam Qu just now. He just wanted to find out what Fu Ying had done to her.

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“Rao Rao, what happened just now? I’m your brother. Tell me. It’s fine.” Mo Yuan tried his best to look calm.

Of course, Mo Rao knew that Mo Yuan wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t hurt Fu Ying. If he found out what had happened in the lounge just now, he might immediately return to settle the score with Fu Ying.

Moreover… Fu Ying wasn’t at fault. If not for him, she probably would have slept with that wretched man.

That would be even worse!

Mo Rao bit her lip. “Brother, it’s really nothing. I drank a little and felt a little dizzy, so I went to the lounge. I went to the washroom, but accidentally pressed the wrong switch, so the water drenched me.”

Mo Yuan felt very upset that Mo Rao refused to tell the truth. As long as Mo Rao asked, he would seek justice for her.

Mo Yuan didn’t believe such a lousy excuse, but he had to way to refute her.

“Rao Rao, actually, I still want to persuade you. Shen Feng…” Mo Yuan mentioned Shen Feng again.

“Brother, I’ve already made it clear to him. I’ll send a breakup statement in the next two days,” Mo Rao replied with her head lowered.

Mo Yuan almost slammed on the brakes. Was she that straightforward? He became a little anxious. “Rao Rao, can’t you give Shen Feng another chance? He’s so good to you. He didn’t do anything wrong and even helped us so much!”

Mo Rao sighed regretfully. “But love can’t be forced. If I could develop feelings for him, I would have done so long ago. I know very well that I don’t like him and don’t want to delay him.”

“Rao Rao, I know you don’t want to date anyone now, but you can give him more time. Don’t force Shen Feng to give up on you so quickly.” Mo Yuan didn’t want to see such a thing happen.

Mo Rao didn’t speak and only looked up at the scenery outside the window.