Chapter 329 - The Mastermind

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Chapter 329: The Mastermind

All the way home, Mo Rao didn’t speak again. No one knew what she was thinking.

When Mo Yuan saw that her mood wasn’t right, he didn’t dare to interrogate her anymore. He could only let her take a shower and rest first before calling Shen Feng to ask.

After Mo Rao went upstairs, Mo Yuan immediately called Shen Feng.

“Did Rao Rao tell you that she wanted to issue a breakup statement?” Mo Yuan asked directly.

“Yes, she told me today.” Shen Feng was a little sad at the mention of this.

“She’s really too stupid. Shen Feng, I support you being with my sister. I can see your sincerity towards her. Don’t give up. Try harder.” Mo Yuan was worried sick.

This was his best candidate for a brother-in-law. If Mo Rao missed out on him, she would regret it.

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With Shen Feng’s feelings for Mo Rao, he should have told Mo Yuan immediately that he wouldn’t give up, but this time, he actually hesitated.

It wasn’t because he didn’t like Mo Rao anymore, nor did he like her less than before. It was because the pressure from Old Madam Shen made him very upset. He was afraid that his persistence would hurt Mo Rao.

“What’s wrong? You’re unwilling?” Mo Yuan felt Shen Feng’s hesitation and was shocked. It was over. Could it be that he already had another woman he liked?

In that case, Mo Rao would really suffer a huge loss!

Only then did Shen Feng come back to his senses. He immediately explained, “No, I’ve always been willing to. Mo Rao is the only woman I like. This has never changed.”

“Then do you want to give up just like that?” Mo Yuan found it difficult to accept. Even if it was for Mo Rao’s happiness, he still hoped for her to be with Shen Feng in the end.

“I’m not giving up. This matter is very complicated. I need time to resolve it.” Shen Feng didn’t want to tell Mo Yuan about Old Madam Shen’s objection for the time being. He knew that Mo Yuan supported him very much, but Mo Rao was Mo Yuan’s sister. If Mo Yuan knew that Old Madam Shen strongly opposed his sister being with him, his heart would definitely ache for her.

If Mo Yuan supported her separation from Shen Feng in order not to let Mo Rao suffer, Shen Feng would lose his best supporter.

Mo Yuan’s original intention was only to persuade Shen Feng to persevere a little longer. He didn’t want to force him. At this moment, Shen Feng was probably still in the Qu family, so he hung up.

Mo Rao, who was upstairs, was trying her best to clean her body.

She didn’t feel that Fu Ying was dirty, but she felt that she herself was dirty.

Her fair skin was already red from the rubbing, but she continued. When she thought of how she had catered to Fu Ying, she felt extremely ashamed. At the beginning of the banquet, she had vowed to Shen Feng and Fu Ying and said it so firmly. In the end, she had sex with Fu Ying soon afterwards.

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Although it was because of the drug, Mo Rao still couldn’t forgive herself.

At this moment, her phone rang. It was a call from Fu Ying, so she hung up.

Fu Ying continued to call until she was so annoyed that she could only answer the call. “Fu Ying, what else do you want?”

“Are you feeling unwell?” Fu Ying didn’t mind Mo Rao’s anger. He knew that she was definitely very annoyed now. It was normal for her to lose her temper.

“What does it have to do with you? I was drugged today. It doesn’t mean that I wanted that to happen to you. Please don’t harass me in the future. I was serious about what I said at the banquet!” As Mo Rao soaked in the bathtub, she said in a lowered voice. She was afraid that Mo Yuan would come up and hear these words.

Fu Ying chuckled. “Rao Rao, I’m just concerned about you. I don’t want to harass you.”

“I don’t need your concern. You just have to stay away from me,” Mo Rao replied angrily.

“The mastermind behind your poisoning today wasn’t Yan Qiang. I will investigate the matter and give you an answer.” Fu Ying’s voice turned cold. The moment he thought of someone daring to do such a thing to Mo Rao, he wanted to tear that damn fellow apart.

Mo Rao frowned. “How do you know it wasn’t Yan Qiang’s idea? He harassed me before the incident!”

Fu Ying replied, “He personally told me that he was instructed by someone, but the situation was urgent at that time, so I didn’t have time to ask him in detail. I’ll investigate further.”

“Who else would do such a thing to me?” Mo Rao sneered. “Other than Qu Ru, I can’t think of anyone else. Fu Ying, what are you going to do if it’s Qu Ru?”

“Give her a taste of her own medicine.” Fu Ying’s answer was very simple.

“Really?” Mo Rao didn’t believe him. She replied sarcastically, “I’ll wait and see.”