Chapter 330 - Picking Up

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Chapter 330: Picking Up

After hanging up, Mo Rao calmed down.

She waited for Fu Ying to give her the final result. She wanted to see how Fu Ying would deal with Qu Ru.

After a while, she took a shower and changed her clothes before going to bed to rest. She didn’t even dare to go downstairs to face Mo Yuan.

However, Mo Yuan knocked on her bedroom door.

“Rao Rao, are you sleeping?” Mo Yuan’s voice sounded from outside.

“No, Brother, what’s the matter?” Mo Rao could only open the door.

Mo Yuan was here to tell her about Old Madam Qu.

He did see Old Madam Qu in the Qu family’s home. To his surprise, Old Madam Qu was quite kind to him. The two of them chatted for a long time. Mo Yuan wanted the Qu family to invest in him to film a television drama, so he told Old Madam Qu about the plot of the script.

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That story was about their mother’s disappearance. All the backgrounds and characters matched.

As Old Madam Qu listened, her expression changed. She told Mo Yuan directly that this story had really happened to her and her youngest daughter had gone missing.

From Old Madam Qu’s words, Mo Yuan felt that she didn’t know the truth about her daughter’s disappearance and learned that she had been searching for her.

“So, all of this was planned by Qu Xue and Qu Qing?” Mo Rao frowned.

“I think so. At that time, Qu Xue was already 11 years old, while Qu Qin was 15 years old. The children of such a prominent family have known how to fight for power since they were young. Their horizons are wider than others. Once they have the intention to harm others, they will be very terrifying,” Mo Yuan replied.

Mo Rao clenched her fists. Now, she had to let Old Madam Qu know the truth of what happened back then. At the very least, Old Madam Qu would punish these two people.

“Brother, what should we do now?” Mo Rao asked.

“Take it one step at a time. We have to think of a way to make them admit what they’ve done. Otherwise, since it’s been so long, not only will Old Madam Qu not believe us, but she will also think that we’re trying to sow discord,” Mo Yuan replied.

But they were not familiar with Qu Xue at all. How could they get information from her?

Mo Yuan and Mo Rao fell into deep thought.

After Qu Xue’s birthday banquet ended, the guests dispersed.

As for Qu Ru, she was distracted and was thinking about what Fu Ying had said. Who wanted her dead? Was that person among the guests she had seen just now?

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At this moment, Qu Xue walked over and patted her amiably. “Xiao Ru, I’m going to the airport to pick up your sister, Xiao Rou. Are you coming with me?”

Qu Ru and Qu Rou were not familiar with each other, but in this situation, she had to build a good relationship with Qu Rou, so she agreed immediately. “Okay, Aunt.”

Qu Ru followed Qu Xue to the airport to pick her up. The moment she saw Qu Rou, she felt jealous.

Qu Rou was a celebrity overseas, but she was preparing to return to the country to develop. She was dressed in designer clothes from head to toe. She had a beautiful appearance and an extremely good figure, while Qu Ru was an ugly woman with a disfigured face and a crippled leg. When Qu Ru stood beside her, she was simply too horrible to look at.

“Mom, I missed you so much!” Qu Rou threw herself into Qu Xue’s arms.

“I missed you too. It’s good that you’re back in the country to develop. You don’t have to be so far away. We rarely saw each other.”

“I decided to return to the country to develop because I missed you.” As she spoke, Qu Rou turned to look at Qu Ru with disdain. “Mom, why did you bring this person here? I heard that she’s back at our house now?”

After seeing her biological daughter, Qu Xue almost forgot about Qu Ru. A mixed expression flashed across her eyes. Then, she smiled and said, “This is your sister, Little Ru. Now that you’re back, the two of you should get along well.”

Qu Rou naturally knew Qu Ru’s identity as an illegitimate daughter. She looked down on Qu Ru’s identity and didn’t know why Qu Xue was so good to her.

“Hello, Little Ru. Long time no see.” Qu Ru felt upset, but she had to please Qu Rou now.

She and Qu Rou had met a few times when they were young. After that, Qu Ru moved out of the house and was no longer allowed to go back to the Qu family’s home.

“What’s there to see?” Qu Rou rolled her eyes at Qu Ru impolitely before holding Qu Xue’s arm and walking out of the airport.