Chapter 332 - Results

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Seeing the door of the private room close, Qu Ru screamed, “Help, help!”

A few burly men had lewd smiles on their faces as they approached her step by step.

Qu Ru still wanted to maintain her rationality, but the medicine quickly began to take effect. Her eyes began to blur. She didn’t resist for long before she took the initiative to lean against a man.

She kissed the man’s lips and tore at his clothes.

Seeing her act like this, the men also began to get impulsive. They took off Qu Ru’s clothes completely. Although Qu Ru was disfigured and crippled, her breasts were still quite big.

A group of men ravaged Qu Ru unceremoniously. Under the frenzied torture, Qu Ru only felt waves of orgasm and didn’t feel any discomfort.

This torture lasted for two hours and was even recorded and sent to Fu Ying.

In the end, Qu Ru was thrown outside the Qu family’s door.

She struggled to get up and entered the door. Under the night sky, she avoided the gazes of the servants of the Qu family. Seeing that there was no one in the living room, she quickly ran up to her room on the second floor.

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Qu Ru couldn’t believe that Fu Ying would treat her like this. He let so many men gang-rape her?

All of this was for Mo Rao’s sake!

Also, Qu Xue was only being good to her because she wanted her kidney!

A seed of hatred took root in Qu Ru’s heart. She blamed all her misfortune on others.

Mo Rao had already been cooped up at home for three days.

She didn’t want to go out or contact anyone. She stayed in the studio alone and kept drawing.

During this period, Shen Feng also came, but Mo Rao didn’t see him.

Just now, Mo Rao had already posted the breakup statement on Weibo.

Weibo must have exploded now, but she didn’t want to care.

At this moment, her phone rang. It was Fu Ying. She still didn’t want to answer the call, so Fu Ying could only send a message.

“I’ve already settled Qu Ru’s matter. Aren’t you going to come down and check the results?”

Seeing this message, Mo Rao felt a little emotional. Was Fu Ying downstairs now? She stood up and went to the first floor. Then, she opened the door to check outside. At the entrance not far away, she welcomed Fu Ying.

Mo Rao walked over. “Where’re the results?”

She was very curious about Fu Ying’s attitude when faced with such an incident again after two years.

‘The source of this ?ontent is’,

“It’s here. You can look at it yourself.” Fu Ying handed the phone to Mo Rao.

A video was playing on the phone. It was a tragic sight. A woman was naked and being gang raped by several men in turns, but there was no anguish on her face. Instead, she looked very comfortable. Her face was flushed, so she must have been drugged.

That woman was Qu Ru.

As Mo Rao watched the erotic scenes, she felt a little awkward. She returned the phone to Fu Ying. “Is this what you mean by giving her a taste of her own medicine?”

“Yes, I returned her treatment of you tenfold,” Fu Ying replied calmly.

If he had done the same two years ago, he might not have lost Mo Rao and his two children.

Fu Ying only regretted not doing so earlier.

“Don’t you have any pity for her?” Mo Rao asked.

“No, you’re the only one I care about now.” Fu Ying stared at Mo Rao passionately.

“Fu Ying, your actions are a little cruel, but I think you did the right thing. A vicious woman like Qu Ru should have been taught a lesson. I’m very grateful to you for avenging me, but nothing will happen between us.” Mo Rao smiled bitterly. “You should know that the problem between us isn’t just Qu Ru.”

“Impossible, it’s impossible for me to forget about you!” Fu Ying grabbed Mo Rao’s shoulder, his gaze firm and domineering. “Rao Rao, I will do everything I can to win your heart back. I will pay any price to make up for the mistakes I made to you in the past!”

At this moment, Mo Rao believed him, but what was the point? A broken mirror couldn’t be fixed. Even if it was glued together, there would be cracks.

“I saw the breakup statement you sent. You’re separated from Shen Feng now and are single. I can pursue you. Rao Rao, can you give me one last chance?” Fu Ying was practically begging Mo Rao.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it. Every time I try to let go of everything in the past, I would dream of my two children. In my dream, they kept telling me to stay away from you because you would bring me misfortune,” Mo Rao replied calmly.

When he heard her words, Fu Ying’s expression darkened. How could he not miss his two children?