Chapter 328 - Fengkong Awakens

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Chapter 328: Fengkong Awakens

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“Your disciples, Ding Yue and Xiao Liang, attacked the blood fiend race with the power of the Heavenly Dao laws and achieved a great victory. Your Heavenly Dao laws have devoured a wisp of the Great Daoyuan’s calamity’s aura. Your Fate Dao principle advanced.”

The system’s reward suddenly arrived.

The Heavenly Dao laws had actually devoured a wisp of the Great Daoyuan calamity’s aura, strengthening the laws.

He examined the Heavenly Dao Talisman and discovered that the Heavenly Dao laws had spread from the Western Region to the Southern Region of the Western Zone.

After taking over the Southern Region, Ding Yue and Xiao Liang separated.

Ding Yue was in charge of the Southern Region, threatening the blood fiend race in the Eastern Region.

Xiao Liang, on the other hand, returned to the Central Region to defend the Central Region’s main camp from the blood fiend army.

“Not bad, they’re quite capable.”

Chu Xuan nodded in satisfaction.

As expected of his strongest disciples.

The two of them had already reached the peak of the Heaven realm, and were on the verge of reaching the Divine realm.

Their cultivation levels skyrocketed thanks to their achievements during the Great Daoyuan calamity. It truly was a time of opportunity.

Even Hong Yuanchu had reached the Daoyuan realm during a Great Daoyuan calamity.

The Great Daoyuan calamity had yet to reach its most intense stage. As it developed, Chu Xuan believed that there would be Dao realm cultivatorsentering the calamity to fight for fate.

However, after the Great Daoyuan calamity, the Great Dao calamity would descend. There was hardly any time to catch his breath.

There was still no news of Yi Yuejun.

He did not know what was going on.

Chu Xuan turned his attention to the other disciples. Hei Yue’s arrangements in the Chaos Zone had yet to come to fruition, and she had yet to fight for fate during the Great Daoyuan calamity.

Still, Chu Xuan was very confident in her abilities.

She was the kind of person who planned the big picture and made a killing in one fell swoop. Once her plan bore fruit, the rewards would definitely be extraordinary.

Although Qin Ying was an in-name disciple, his strength was also extraordinary. He was worthy of his fame as the Great Qin Emperor.

With the backing of the Luo family, Qin Ying made full use of his potential in this life.

Most of the forces in the Eastern Zone were under his control, including the Heaven’s Blessed of the various factions.

His forces constantly besieged the blood fiend race and weakened their ability to revive. They mobilized all kinds of resources and set up large formations and restrictions.

The calamity within the Eastern Zone had been stabilized for the time being, and there were no signs of further deterioration.

Meanwhile, Xiang Xing and Wang Luo were in the Southern Region.

Hu Tianya was laying low, waiting for an opportunity to turn the tide.

Qian Ming was also still hiding, waiting for an opportunity.

Chu Xuan had a feeling that the Great Daoyuan calamity was not so simple.

In the forbidden area within the Feng family’s back mountain, Feng Shaoqing arrived at the core of the forbidden area.

In a small crystal house, a majestic man sat cross-legged with his eyes closed. He was in a state of deep sleep.

Upon closer inspection, one would realize that the man’s body was not made of flesh and blood.

The Human King Fengkong!

This crystal house was the treasure of the Human King Feng Kong. Even the Feng family did not know the origin of this Crystal House.

The Crystal House was Fengkong’s trump card.

According to the information passed down in the Feng family, before the battle, Fengkong had secretly told his descendants that if he died, there was no need to panic.

They just had to come to this Crystal House to find him…

No one had thought that Fengkong would really die, and that the backup he left behind would also suffer a blow.

In contrast, the contingency plans prepared by the demon king and monster king had failed, and they had died.

Feng Shaoqing looked at the person in the Crystal House. This was the ancestor who had led the Feng family to rise up.

He was also the last human king of the human race.

He had once created a legend, but he had also lost miserably. He was the one who had the most miserable ending among all of the human Kings.

For him, the Feng family had sacrificed so many geniuses just to resurrect him.

Feng Shaoqing had been instilled with the same belief since he was young.

He had always lived a very tired life.

Any peerless Heaven’s blessed would want to live their own life and not carry the burden of their predecessors.

As such, he could understand Feng Ruping’s actions.

If he had the chance, he would do the same.

He had headed to the Southern Region of the Northern Zone to fight for the fate treasures, not for himself, but rather to increase the chances of saving their ancestor.

As for using the fate treasures on himself, that would never be allowed.

In the end, he failed.

He had encountered someone even more monstrous than him.

Feng Shaoqing took out the pill that Wang Luo gave him and pressed it against the Crystal House, which started to absorb its medicinal efficacy.

Feng Shaoqing’s heart was beating rapidly in his mouth.

He stared at Fengkong.

It was time for him, Feng Shaoqing, to truly make a living for himself.

He would die without regrets!

One breath, two breaths, 15 minutes, 30 minutes …

Fengkong, who was in the Crystal House, did not change at all.

Feng Shaoqing felt a little disappointed. Wang Luo’s pill did not seem to work.

Just as he was about to leave, the Crystal House suddenly shook.

Feng Shaoqing stopped in his tracks.

There was a flash of light.

“Feng Shaoqing pays his respects to the ancestor!”

Feng Shaoqing was momentarily stunned before he hurriedly bowed.

“How long have I been sleeping?”

Fengkong asked calmly.

Feng Shaoqing shook his head.

“This pill is extraordinary. Where did you get it?”

Fengkong continued to ask.

Feng Shaoqing did not hide anything and told Fengkong everything.

Feng Kong was silent for a long time after hearing this. In the end, he sighed. “Why did they go so far? I’ve made things difficult for my descendants.”

“I need to borrow your body.”

Fengkong’s soul flickered, and then entered the Crystal House. The crystal House then entered Feng Shaoqing’s soul.

Feng Shaoqing was very nervous.

He was afraid that Fengkong would take over his body!