Chapter 329 - Jade Crystal Palace

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Chapter 329: Jade Crystal Palace

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“Don’t be nervous. No matter how useless I am, I won’t take over my descendants’ bodies.”

Feng Kong laughed softly.

“I’ve embarrassed myself in front of the ancestor.”

Feng Shaoqing smiled awkwardly.

He relaxed his mind, and his body was temporarily under Fengkong’s control.

Fengkong controlled Feng Shaoqing’s body and brought him to the Feng family’s hall.

Looking at the current Feng family, his heart was filled with emotion.

The voice was Fengkong’s.

All of the elders of the Feng family were present. They were all shocked to see Feng Shaoqing. Then, they saw Fengkong emerge from Feng Shaoqing’s body.

“Ancestor, you … You’ve recovered?”

The Feng family elders were excited.

The ancestor had awakened!

Fengkong glanced at the elders present. He did not recognize any of them. Could it be that his descendants had all died?

“Tell me about the current nine zones and how many years have passed?”

The old man knelt on the ground in excitement.

“Great-grandson pays his respects to the ancestor!”

“The nine zones are currently in turmoil.”

He told Fengkong everything he knew, especially about the Great Daoyuan calamity.

“Great Daoyuan calamity!”

Fengkong’s expression was complicated. He was once the human king of the Southern Zone as well as the ruling human king of the entire human race.

However, who would have thought that Kingslayer would appear out of nowhere?

Now, when he reawakened, it was during the Great Daoyuan calamity.

“Enter the calamity. Every descendant of the Feng family should enter the calamity. Protect the human race, protect the Southern Zone, and rise up during this calamity,” Fengkong ordered.

Then, he returned to Feng Shaoqing’s body and said, “Go find our young friend Wang Luo. I can only be considered to have awakened, and can’t last long in this state.”

Feng Shaoqing agreed. After bidding farewell to the family elders, he left the Feng family and headed to the Southern Zone’s Northern Region to seek out Wang Luo.

Chu Xuan tried to contact Yi Yuejun again, but failed to receive a reply. Were it not for Yi Yuejun’s aura in the Origin Dao Crystal, he would have suspected that the latter had died.

However, Yi Yuejun was a ten-winged Hell Devouring Roc, so he was not too worried. As long as the darkness did not disappear, the latter would not die.

He was mainly curious about what the strange black power on the Great Dao was.

Chu Xuan once again examined the fate of the nine zones.

He found that the spiritual energy activity of the nine zones had become more and more chaotic, and that its fate was covered in a fog, which meant that the Great Daoyuan calamity was about to enter a new stage.

He looked at the Western Zone.

In the Western Zone, the Western Region and the Central Region had been taken over by the Heavenly Dao laws.

The Southern Region had already been infiltrated, but it would take some time before the Heavenly Dao laws fully devoured the laws of Heaven and Earth there.

However, the Northern Region of the Western Zone was very unusual. Everything was covered in a fog that seemed to block his senses, and its fate seemed to be ever-changing.

There was indeed someone at work controlling the blood fiend race there.

He had to be more careful.

Suddenly, his expression changed. Fengkong had awakened?

Wang Luo was going to save Fengkong?

Chu Xuan took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and connected it to Wang Luo to check on Fengkong’s state and strength.

At this moment, Fengkong was in Wang Luo’s residence, sitting cross-legged in front of a pill cauldron.

Wang Luo was healing Fengkong’s injuries by refining pills.

Xiang Xing, Feng Shaoqing, and Hua Ziying were watching from the side.

Hua Ziying was shocked. This was the legendary Feng family’s human king?

Chu Xuan took a look. Fengkong was a first-level Dao realm cultivator. His speculation had been correct, those human, monster and demon kings back then were all cultivators who had just entered the Dao realm.

Fengkong only had a remnant of his original soul, which was being constantly weakened by Kingslayer’s killing intent.

Were it not for the protection of his supreme treasure, he would have died a long time ago.

Kingslayer’s Extreme Dao of Slaughter was indeed powerful and unique.

Even Fengkong’s original soul that had been hidden away could not escape his killing intent.

The monster king and demon king back then had probably done the same, but lacked a supreme treasure.

Only Fengkong managed to survive.

‘Fengkong is quite extraordinary. It’s a great fortune and an opportunity for him to awaken during this Great Daoyuan calamity. If nothing unexpected happens, he will be able to use this opportunity to rise up.’

The Crystal House was extraordinary. It was definitely a supreme treasure, yet somewhat different from the supreme treasures of the nine zones.

It might not even be an item of this era!

In order to save Fengkong and help him to recover completely, one needed to extract the killing intent in his soul.

Without that, Fengkong’s cultivation and lifespan would be affected, as he would need to constantly suppress and wear down that killing intent.

Kingslayer was stronger than him, and an Extreme Dao cultivator to boot, so it was impossible for Fengkong to extract it himself, even with Wang Luo’s help.

Naturally, Fengkong knew that as well. However, as long as Wang Luo could help him recover sufficiently, he was confident that he could suppress the killing intent with the Crystal House.

Chu Xuan looked on silently, thinking about whether he should make Fengkong one of his own.

Perhaps, with his help, he could try to investigate who the hidden expert was.

Fengkong could disrupt some of the latter’s plans to gauge his response and thereby gain some information.

The more Chu Xuan looked, the more he felt that the Crystal House in Fengkong’s soul was extraordinary.

It seemed that Fengkong did not really understand the use of the Crystal House.

The Crystal House was indeed a treasure, but Chu Xuan was not moved by it. After all, he had many treasures stronger than the Crystal House.

His intuition told him that the Crystal House had an extraordinary origin.

Heavenly Secrets Origin Probing technique!

Chu Xuan immediately used the Heavenly Secrets Origin Probing technique to investigate the Crystal House’s origin.

“The Jade Crystal Palace, the seclusion room of the celestial race’s Supreme Saint (founder) in the eighth Great Dao era. It was nurtured for an entire Daoyuan during the Great Dao era. It contains the remnants of the celestial race’s Supreme Saint’s celestial power. It was left in the nine zones during the Great Dao calamity. It is in a dormant state and has suffered some damage.”

Chu Xuan was really surprised. Fengkong was really a guy with great fortune.

Of course, his luck was also really bad.

After obtaining such a treasure, he should have been a protagonist, but he was crushed by Kingslayer instead. However, his luck had been better than the Demon and Monster kings.

Had he not been attacked by Kingslayer, Fengkong would probably have somehow activated the Jade Crystal Palace and obtained the remaining celestial power of the Supreme Saint and his inheritance.

According to how things should progress, when Fengkong rose up again, he would seek out Kingslayer to seek revenge.

Kingslayer was now his loyal follower.

How could Chu Xuan allow him to be killed?

Fengkong would likely not let go of the grudge either.

Chu Xuan decided to take Fengkong in.

As for the grudge between him and Kingslayer, that would be a matter for the future.

It would not be easy for Fengkong to catch up to Kingslayer’s cultivation level.

As long as Kingslayer was stronger than him, the two sides would not fight to the death.

It was actually very easy to deceive Kingslayer into not looking for trouble with Fengkong.

Moreover, given Kingslayer’s arrogance, he would not go after someone he had already defeated.

After making his decision, Chu Xuan decided to appear.

With Fengkong’s current strength, he had a great advantage in the early stages of the Great Daoyuan calamity.