Chapter 331 - Dao Realm Follower

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Chapter 331: Dao Realm Follower

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Fengkong was conflicted.

He was once the human king, and there were countless people who hoped to become his followers, but now, he was being asked to follow someone else.

If he did not want to become a follower, he needed to do three things, which seemed simple on the surface. However, how could the three things requested by a supreme expert be simple?

“Don’t worry,” Chu Xuan continued, “These three things will not be beyond your capabilities.”

He gave the choice to Fengkong.

Whether or not he could grasp the opportunity would depend on Fengkong.

If Fengkong chose the second option, Chu Xuan would not be disappointed. He could only chalk it up to a lack of fate between himself and Fengkong.

If Fengkong chose to become his follower, it would be his opportunity, and it was inevitable that he would rise up during this Great Daoyuan calamity.

Three things that would not be beyond his ability?

Fengkong was confident that he could complete them.

However, he was struggling in his heart. If he chose to do three things, would he miss out on an opportunity?

This senior was clearly extremely powerful.

Could he really become such an expert?

Could he really catch up to Kingslayer?

Could he really rely on himself to rise up and reach a higher realm?

If he had not suffered defeat at the hands of Kingslayer, Fengkong would naturally be very confident.

He would definitely reject the first option and choose to do three things.

However, after suffering and being beaten, Fengkong was no longer as arrogant or as blindly confident.

After a long while, Fengkong took a deep breath and made his decision.

“Although I, Fengkong, was a human king, I am also the one who failed. I am grateful to Senior for giving me a new life. I, Fengkong, am willing to become Senior’s follower!”

Chu Xuan was pleased. Fengkong lowering his status was a good start.

Since he had made this decision, he would naturally give him some guidance.

A force swept and separated Wang Luo and the others to allow Chu Xuan to converse privately with Fengkong.

“You won’t regret this choice. Our sect doesn’t have a name. You can just call it ‘following your heart’.”

“Yes, thank you, my lord.”

Fengkong chose to address Chu Xuan as “Lord.”

He could not bring himself to call him master.

Chu Xuan was not bothered by this.

“You have just entered the Dao realm. How much do you know about it?”

“My Lord, I broke through the shackles of the Divine realm and entered the Dao realm not long ago. I don’t know much about this realm, but before I died, something seemed to be attracting me to go somewhere,” Fengkong said after thinking for a while.

Chu Xuan was not surprised by this. As expected, after breaking through to the Dao realm, one would be summoned by the primordial land.

Fengkong was filled with anticipation. He did not know much about the Dao realm and now this expert was going to guide him.

This way, he could avoid many detours.

Chu Xuan passed on the knowledge of the Dao realm to Fengkong, all the way up to the Daoyuan realm.

“There are only a few who can make it to the Daoyuan realm. Many are stuck at the 36 levels of the Dao realm. You still have a long way to go.”

Fengkong’s heart trembled. He was even more glad that he had made the right choice.

Otherwise, how would he have known the secrets of the Dao realm?

How would he know the secret to reaching the Daoyuan realm?

This supreme expert had to be a Daoyuan expert himself. Otherwise, how could he be so familiar with the 36 levels?

Fengkong now had a clear direction for his cultivation. He was no longer confused and did not need to muddle his way through.

“You are being drawn to the primordial land, which is in the Desolate Ancient Zone. It is said that it is the origin of the nine zones and the place closest to the Great Dao.”

“Now that the Great Daoyuan calamity has arrived, Dao realm cultivators will also enter the calamity. You should seize this opportunity and increase your strength.

Fengkong replied respectfully.

Chu Xuan waved his hand and a wisp of chaotic energy was transferred to Fengkong.

At the same time, he gave Fengkong a Heavenly Dao seal.

Fengkong would definitely enter the calamity to fight for fate, which was exactly what Chu Xuan required of him. Given Fengkong’s current strength, in the nine zones, he was almost invincible.

His participation would naturally speed up the expansion of the Heavenly Dao laws.

As for the wisp of chaotic energy, that was to help Fengkong refine his Dao principles and quickly increase his cultivation level.

He could not allow his followers to be weak.

“This is chaotic energy. It can refine Dao principles and speed up the transformation of your Dao principles.”

Fengkong excitedly received the wisp of chaotic energy. This was a precious treasure.

“Many thanks, my lord!”

Fengkong was extremely grateful.

He had condensed the Fire Dao principle, which was still weak at the moment. After absorbing the chaotic energy, he could clearly feel that the Fire Dao principle had become stronger.

Not only that, his physical body was also becoming stronger.

Chu Xuan continued, “The Jade Crystal Palace in your soul is of extraordinary origin. Take good care of it. If you can activate it, you will obtain something good.”

Fengkong took out the Jade Crystal Palace and held it in his palm. He asked in confusion, “My lord, I found this Jade Crystal Palace by chance when I was traveling the Desolate Ancient Zone. Although it’s somewhat magical, I’ve never been able to find out its exact purpose or use.”

“It’s the secret cultivation room of a person who reached the Daoyuan realm a long time ago. It’s naturally extraordinary. You should spend some time examining and comprehending it. When the time is right, it will be activated.”

Chu Xuan did not make it too clear.

He had his suspicions that this Jade Crystal Palace had not been left behind by accident.

Perhaps the celestial race wanted to leave an inheritance in the nine zones?

No matter what the purpose behind it was, since it was in Fengkong’s hands, then the secret inside would eventually be inherited by Fengkong.

Chu Xuan also talked about the Great Daoyuan calamity and the blood fiend race, while reminding Fengkong that he could quickly rise up by fighting for fate during the calamity.

In the past, the powerful cultivators of the human race rose to power during the Great Daoyuan calamity and led the human race to become the overlords of the nine zones.

Fengkong’s heart was surging with emotions. His chance to rise up had come.

He would exterminate the blood fiend race, fight for fate during the calamity, and rise up!

Chu Xuan ended his private chat with Fengkong, after which he encouraged Wang Luo and Xiang Xing, and then deactivated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.