Chapter 332 - The Human King Suppresses The Blood Fiends

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Chapter 332: The Human King Suppresses The Blood Fiends

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After Chu Xuan gave Fengkong some advice, he redirected his attention back to the reincarnation cycle.

Ever since Chu Xuan found out that there was a hidden expert in the Western Zone manipulating the blood fiend race, he kept a low profile and no longer interfered with the situation in the Western Zone.

Ding Yue and Xiao Liang were fighting with the blood fiend race in the Western Zone.

Occasionally, they would also borrow the power of the Heavenly Dao laws.

Chu Xuan did not stop them. The current Heavenly Dao laws were similar to the laws of Heaven and Earth. Even if Ding Yue and Xiao Liang borrowed the power of the Heavenly Dao, they would only be mistaken for borrowing the power of the laws of Heaven and Earth.

The children of fate naturally inherited part of the fate of the nine zones, and could thus borrow the power of the laws of Heaven and Earth.

Presumably, no one would be able to tell the difference.

Moreover, Chu Xuan believed that the hidden expert could not interfere directly with the Great Daoyuan calamity, which was why he had chosen to act secretly.

Su Xian’er could not sit still any longer and ran off to find Hei Yue.

Chu Xuan did not object to this. One more person fighting for fate in the calamity meant one more reward for him.

“Your disciple, Ding Yue, has fought for fate during the Great Daoyuan calamity and reached the Divine realm. Your Fate Dao principle has advanced, and you have received a lump of chaotic energy.”

Ding Yue had broken through to the Divine realm.

The calamity was full of opportunities, but also dangers. For every cultivator that rose up, countless others fell.

In the Northern Region of the Southern Zone, Wang Luo and Xiang Xing made their moves. They continuously set up large formations to refine the blood fiend race.

The other regions in the Southern Zone were also under attack from the blood fiend race.

The Great Daoyuan calamity was in full swing.

In the Eastern Region of the Southern Zone, Xiang Bang killed the blood fiends one by one.

Not only did he kill them, but he also purified the blood-colored spiritual energy.

His strength was beyond imagination.

Xiang Bang kept killing and purifying the blood fiends. Although they were numerous, he had at least stopped them from spreading.

“Can’t you just go to the Northern Region and look after our son?” Feng Ruping asked worriedly.

“There are opportunities for him in the Northern Region. You don’t have to worry about him.”

Xiang Bang could sense that the more blood fiends he killed, the closer he was to truly breaking through the shackles of the Divine realm and reaching a new realm.

Suddenly, an ancient battlefield descended upon the Eastern Region.

This ancient battlefield seemed to have been dyed blood-red.

Two huge blood fiends charged over.

Xiang Bang’s expression turned extremely solemn. The strength of these two blood fiends was no weaker than his.

They were half-step Dao realm blood fiends!

After warning Feng Ruping, Xiang Bang went up to meet them.

The countless cultivators of the Eastern Region also charged forward with him.

A great battle broke out, and the blood-colored spiritual energy became more and more intense.

Feng Ruping looked at Xiang Bang with a worried expression.

Although he was powerful, the two blood fiends were also extremely powerful.

If he could not kill them completely, once the two blood fiends revived and fused, an even stronger blood fiend would emerge!

This time, blood fiends arrived with great momentum and, as they fell in great numbers, they revived and came back stronger.

“Retreat! Set up a defensive perimeter!”

It was also very difficult for him to resist those two blood fiends. He could not kill and purify them at the same time. As such, if they died, they would fuse with each other, and might even give birth to a Dao realm blood fiend.

If that was the case, who could stop that blood fiend?

The Eastern Region’s forces began to retreat and continued to build a large defensive formation. As they continued to kill, more and more cultivators died, and they could not purify the blood-colored spiritual energy in time.

The blood fiends became stronger and stronger!

“Xiang Bang, retreat quickly!”

Feng Ruping called out anxiously.

Xiang Bang was helpless. If he did not stop the two blood fiends, no one in the entire Eastern Region, or even the Southern Zone, could stop them.

He could not retreat!

Even though he was already injured, he could not retreat!

At this moment, the sky turned red, and a huge flaming phoenix appeared.

The phoenix seemed to have a tangible form. The flames were condensed and did not dissipate. He could not even sense the temperature within.

However, wherever the phoenix flew by, the blood fiends would evaporate. In an instant, the field was cleared.

The phoenix then flew toward the two blood fiends.

Xiang Bang hurriedly retreated.

His expression changed drastically. The power of this phoenix was beyond his imagination. It was far stronger than he was.

When the phoenix appeared, everyone’s first thought was that it belonged to the human king’s Feng family.

Since when did the Feng family have such an expert?

The two blood fiends were completely defenseless in front of the phoenix. They quickly melted away and disappeared.

The gap between them and the Dao realm was immense.

However, even a Dao realm expert could not purify so many blood fiends.

Moreover, this was the Great Daoyuan calamity, and changes could happen at the drop of a hat.

As more blood fiends were killed, new ones would appear.

The phoenix dissipated, and a figure appeared in its place.

Feng Ruping was shocked.

Xiang Bang was shocked. The human king Fengkong?

Was this the might of a human king?

He had thought that he was only a step away, but now he realized that step was a very large one.

Feng Kong turned to look at Feng Ruping and nodded with a smile.

“I, Feng Kong, hereby issue the human king’s order today. All human cultivators must put aside old grudges and work together to resist the Great Daoyuan calamity!” He shouted loudly.

“The nine zones will eventually become the nine zones of the human race!”

The cultivators present were momentarily stunned, but after they recovered, they started shouting excitedly.

“As Your Majesty commands!”

Everyone was extremely excited. It was the human king, Fengkong!

A legendary existence!

Fengkong’s figure once again transformed into a huge phoenix, charging directly toward the blood-red ancient battlefield.

The ancient battlefield trembled and a battle broke out. Not long after, Fengkong returned and sealed the ancient battlefield with his Dao aura, preventing the blood fiends from reviving.

After leaving the Eastern Region, Fengkong went to the Western Region, the Southern Region, and then the Central Region.

Wherever he went, he massacred the blood fiends.

Fengkong’s sudden appearance shook the entire Southern Zone.

The Heavenly Dao laws also seeped into the various regions of the Southern Zone.

Chu Xuan was very satisfied with Fengkong. The expansion of the Heavenly Dao laws had been accelerated.

Feng Kong was preparing to head to the Western Zone.

But Chu Xuan stopped him.

The time had not come yet.

He did not want to alert the hidden expert right now.

Moreover, with Fengkong’s appearance, the blood fiend race in the Southern Zone had been suppressed. However, they were a calamity-bearing race, which meant that something else would definitely help them to turn the tides of battle.

Thus, if Fengkong left the Southern Zone, there would be no one around to deal with those new threats.