Chapter 333 - The Rise Of The Ghost Race

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Chapter 333: The Rise Of The Ghost Race

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Just as Chu Xuan had expected, not long after Fengkong killed the blood fiends, the shadow of a terrifying ancient battlefield appeared in the Central Region of the Southern Zone.

Fengkong had no choice but to head over.

Cultivators everywhere were fighting the blood fiend race. However, they were endless.

“Your disciple, Xiao Liang, has obtained great fortune and reached the Divine realm. Your Fate Dao principle has advanced, and you have received a lump of chaotic energy.”

Xiao Liang broke through to the Divine realm not long after Ding Yue.

Two-thirds of the Southern Region of the Western Zone had already been incorporated into the Heavenly Dao laws, and some headway had been made into the Easter Region as well.

Everything was going smoothly.

Chu Xuan was waiting for the harvest.

Your disciples, Wang Luo and Xiang Xing, have completely refined the blood-colored spiritual energy in the Northern Region of the Southern Zone. At the same time, they refined treasures from the blood-colored spiritual energy and fought for fate amidst the Great Daoyuan calamity. Their fates have transformed and their cultivation has reached the Divine realm. You have been rewarded with two advancements of your Fate Dao principle and two lumps of chaotic energy.

Chu Xuan was stunned. Wang Luo and Xiang Xing were going all out.

They had broken through to the Divine realm as well?

Also, what was the meaning behind the transformation of their fates?

Chu Xuan looked toward the Northern Region of the Southern Zone. The power of fate there had already changed. It seemed to herald the arrival of the Great Dao.

Wang Luo and Xiang Xing had completely refined the blood-colored spiritual energy in the Northern Region and refined it into a blood fiend supreme treasure.

They had become the first people to truly defeat the blood fiends.

Therefore, their fates were transformed, and it appeared that they had been rewarded by the Great Dao because of this, resulting in their breakthrough to the Divine realm.

Chu Xuan then turned his attention to Hei Yue, wondering when she would reap the harvest of her planning.

The Heavenly Dao laws took this opportunity to expand rapidly in the Northern Region of the Southern Zone.

“Your Heavenly Dao laws have taken control of the Northern Region of the Southern Zone. You have been rewarded with a cultivation level advancement.

Sixteenth level of the Dao realm!

As expected, a cheat-like system was far better than any cultivation-boosting treasure.

Chu Xuan continued to stay in the courtyard.

In the nine zones, it was chaos. There was war and death everywhere. Even Fengkong was being held back in the Central Region of the Southern Zone for the time being.

The Eastern Zone was also in trouble, as more and more blood fiends appeared. The effect of Qin Ying’s initial strategy was gradually losing its edge.

Fortunately, under Qin Ying’s leadership, they had made all kinds of preparations in advance. Thus, the Eastern Zone was able to stabilize the situation.

The Chaos Zone and Monster Zone were both in turmoil as well.

Over the years, the Great Dao Communication Group gained many more Dao realm participants from the varying races of the nine zones.

Now, the number of participants in the Great Dao Communication Group was close to 100.

Chu Xuan currently did not have any thoughts of expanding the group. He no longer needed to use the Origin Dao Crystal to increase the speed of his cultivation.

He was focused on expanding the Heavenly Dao laws and reaching the Daoyuan realm as soon as possible.

The nine zones became increasingly chaotic, and despite Chu Xuan’s increased mastery of the Fate Dao principle, he failed to peek into the secrets of the nine zones’ fate.

As the ancient battlefields continued to descend, the nine zones began to expand. Perhaps once all of the ancient battlefields had descended, the nine zones would return to their original size.

That moment would likely herald the peak and turning point of the Great Daoyuan calamity as well.

“The ghost race you created has become famous throughout the nine zones. The Fengdu Ghost King broke through the shackles of the Divine realm and reached the Dao realm. The Ghost Dao principle has advanced and the Ghost World has expanded. His fate has transformed dramatically. Your Reincarnation Dao principle has advanced.”

The system’s reward suddenly arrived.

Chu Xuan was stunned. The Fengdu Ghost King reached the Dao realm?

Clearly, he had obtained a great opportunity during the Great Daoyuan calamity.

The ghost race had risen!

Chu Xuan examined the ghost race’s situation.

You’er had already broken through to the Heaven realm.

There were already more than ten Divine realm ghosts.

Since the Ghost World was still unable to automatically absorb the souls of the dead, the ghosts still needed to personally deliver these souls to the River of Styx to be transformed.

For this reason, the ghost race had set up branches in every zone and region to receive these souls, which fueled the expansion of the ghost race.

Naturally, there were also some problems. For example, conflicts due to the previous identity of different races before they turned into ghosts.

Chu Xuan did not interfere. The Ghost World possessed the Ghost Dao principle, which every ghost would cultivate. With time, these problems would be resolved naturally.

Besides, a powerful race would naturally have all sorts of problems, and these ghosts would all possess some lingering attachments to their previous lives.

Even the Buddhist clan had its fair share of problems. As time passed, new factions within the clan had formed. However, just like how all ghosts were still ghosts no matter what their identity was in their previous lives, all Buddhist factions were still Buddhists in essence.

While the other zones were in chaos, the Northern Zone was at peace. There were no blood fiends, and any ancient battlefields that descended were just treasure troves for the Northern Zone’s cultivators.

Cultivation herebecame easier and easier, and comprehending the Heavenly Dao laws also became easier.

Chu Xuan was looking forward to the Northern Zone producing a Dao realm cultivator. The significance of the Heavenly Dao laws producing a Dao realm cultivator was immeasurable.

As time passed, however, some of the Northern Zone’s cultivators could no longer sit still. These cultivators headed to the outer zones to enter the calamity, whether it was to help the human race or to fight for fate.

Everyone was trying to lure them out to reinforce the other zones.