Chapter 334 - The Great Daoyuan Calamity In The Central Zone

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Chapter 334: The Great Daoyuan Calamity In The Central Zone

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Central Zone, Qian Region.

Qian Ming had been cultivating diligently this entire time. At the same time, he paid close attention to the changes happening in the Central Zone, preparing for the calamity.

In recent days, the situation in the Qian Region had become tense.

There was an inexplicable feeling of oppression in the air, as if something big was about to happen.

All of the cultivators who had reached the Heaven realm could sense this.

They were troubled, realizing that the Great Daoyuan calamity was about to descend upon the Central Zone.

As the core zone of the human race, the Central Zone had the most and strongest experts, as well as numerous ancient factions.

However, they had not sent any experts to reinforce the Western Zone or the other human zones.

The fundamental reason was that they were preparing to deal with the Great Daoyuan calamity in the Central Zone.

The Ji family and some other ancient forces formed an alliance, which included all the powerful cultivators and geniuses of the Central Zone.

At the same time, all of the major forces and cultivators were instructed to obey the alliance’s orders.

After killing a few disobedient geniuses and forces, the alliance’s orders became absolute.

While the cultivators and forces were still free to do their own thing, whenever the alliance issued an order, it had to be obeyed unquestioningly.

This was done to allow the entire Central Zone to work together to deal with the Great Daoyuan calamity, and to secure the safety and future of the human race.

Ji Dexin, the young master of the Ji family, was powerful and domineering. Furthermore, no genius from any other ancient force could compete with him.

Thus, he naturally became the leader of the alliance’s geniuses!

Even the experts from the older generation had to respect him. After all, he had broken through to the Divine realm and surpassed many of them.

He also had the support of the Ji family and a few other ancient forces, which meant that he was the alliance’s leader in all but name.

Although Qian Ming kept a low profile, he was also listed among the Heaven’s Blessed in the Qian Region, so naturally, he was also included in this group.

However, he kept his head down and chose not to bring attention to himself in the alliance.

He was waiting for an opportunity.

The Great Daoyuan calamity would soon descend upon the Central Zone.

As such, the alliance organized a conference to discuss how to deal with the Great Daoyuan calamity.

It was a discussion in name, but in reality, it was simply organized to communicate Ji Dexin’s plan.

Qian Ming did not participate. However, since barely anyone knew him, his non-participation did not attract any attention.

Some people did not even know that he was part of the alliance.

The heavens shook as the sky turned red.

This was not taking place in just a single region, but the entirety of the Central Zone!

Even the laws of Heaven and Earth seemed to be contaminated by the blood-red aura.

The descent of the calamity upon the Central Zone was more terrifying than expected.

In an instant, it enveloped the entire Central Zone.

The experts of the alliances gathered with grave expressions on their faces. The alliance’s orders were set up, and everyone got to work setting up countless formations.

The human army was also put on high alert.

The legions of cultivators formed by the alliance were spread across the ten regions of the Central Zone. There were experts from the ancient forces stationed in each region, acting as army commanders.

Qian Ming stood on a mountaintop. Behind him were the sect’s cultivators, who were now all under his command.

He raised his head and looked at the sky with a grave expression.

The blood fiends in the other zones had all descended from the ancient battlefields.

Could it be that the first wave of blood fiends in the Central Zone was about to descend from the sky?

At this moment, the laws of Heaven and Earth of the Central Zone seemed incredibly fragile, putting the fate of the human race at risk.

As the son of fate of the Qian Region, Qian Ming naturally felt these changes.

If the Central Zone could not withstand this calamity, as the core zone of the human race, the fate of the entire human race would be greatly affected.

“Spread out and set up the formation!”

The cultivators of the sect spread out and got to work, setting up large formations. The army of cultivators behind him also formed up into battle formations.

In ancient times, the human race relied on some of these battle formations to defeat stronger enemies and ascend to the position of overlord race.

Now that the Great Daoyuan calamity had descended, these battle formations would once again play an important role in the war.

In the small courtyard.

Chu Xuan turned his attention to the Central Zone.

What he saw was a blood-red sky.

His expression turned serious. Something was wrong with the Central Zone.

The Great Daoyuan calamity here was too terrifying.

He could sense how fragile the Central Zone’s laws of Heaven and Earth were. It seemed as if a huge hole would be ripped apart at any moment.

The opportunity for the Heavenly Dao laws to infiltrate the Central Zone had undoubtedly arrived.

“Qian Ming is in the Qian Region. When the time is right, Qian Ming’s Heavenly Dao seal can guide the Heavenly Dao laws to infiltrate the laws of Heaven and Earth there.”

This was an unprecedented opportunity, and Chu Xuan did not want to miss it, so he ordered the Fengdu Ghost King and You’er to select a group of ghost experts to hide in the Central Zone.

Every ghost expert had a Heavenly Dao seal.

Unlike the Heavenly Dao seals his disciples had, these were one-time use seals.

Once activated, the Heavenly Dao laws would enter the bodies of the ghost experts.

When necessary, it could even refine ghost experts to strengthen the power of the Heavenly Dao laws as they infiltrated the laws of Heaven and Earth.

Chu Xuan was almost certain that the calamity descending upon the Central Zone would involve Dao realm blood fiends.

He just did not know how many.

If the human race could not withstand it, then their fate would be at risk, and the entire human race would be in danger of declining during this Great Daoyuan calamity.

“There should be Dao realm old guys hiding within those ancient forces, right?”

Chu Xuan was not sure.

However, the human race would definitely be prepared for the Great Daoyuan calamity. Those ancient forces were not to be trifled with.

Throughout human history, there were many Dao realm cultivators. However, many of them were unable to progress past the Dao realm, and were probably concealing themselves within these ancient forces.

In theory, as long as their Dao principles were not destroyed, the lifespan of a Dao realm expert was limitless.

Chu Xuan patiently waited and observed.

He wanted to see what would happen to the nine zones once the Great Daoyuan calamity descended upon the Central Zone.

Would that hidden expert in the Western Zone make any new moves?

Furthermore, Chu Xuan was curious as to whether the sole remaining zone, the Desolate Ancient Zone, would be affected by the Great Daoyuan calamity.

After all, the Desolate Ancient Zone was a bit special.

Still, his intuition told him that things would not be peaceful there either.

At this moment, Hong Yuanchu was looking for him in the group chat. He looked rather anxious.