Chapter 335 - Blood From The Heavens

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Chapter 335: Blood From The Heavens

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Chu Xuan was surprised. Did Hong Yuanchu, who was one of the human race’s ancestors, sense something unusual?

“Daoist Brother Chu, what’s going on with the Great Daoyuan calamity of the nine zones? Why is it developing so quickly? Everything is progressing much faster than the previous Great Daoyuan calamities!”

Hong Yuanchu was clearly anxious.

“Also, what’s going on with the human race? Why does it feel like the fate of the human race is at risk?”

He was one of the ancestors who had led the human race to become the overlord race. As such, the changes in the human race’s fate did not escape his notice.

Based on his experience, such a situation should not have occurred during the early stages of the Great Daoyuan calamity.

During the Great Daoyuan calamity, Hong Yuanchu had used some means to observe the calamity and support the human race.

As such, he could sense that there was something clearly wrong with this Great Daoyuan calamity, which made him feel uneasy.

Could it be that the great calamity Chu Xuan spoke of was starting to affect the human race as well?

Chu Xuan was stunned. Was the Great Daoyuan calamity progressing too quickly?

He did not know. After all, he had not personally experienced the previous Great Daoyuan calamity.

However, he did not doubt Hong Yuanchu’s words.

Was this related to the impending Great Dao calamity?

Chu Xuan was unsure, but in order to prevent the Daoyuan and Dao realm cultivators in the Desolate Ancient Zone from interfering with his plan, he had to come up with something to deceive them.

“Don’t panic. This is all an illusion.”

“The great calamity is coming. The Great Daoyuan calamity is only a precursor to this, so it’s not unusual for it to develop faster.”

“The human race is blessed by the heavens and has a strong fate. There won’t be any problems. It’s just that you can’t sense it clearly.”

He consoled Hong yuanchu and the other human race cultivators.

“Some changes are happening in the nine zones,” he continued, “Dao realm cultivators should not enter the nine zones for the time being, no matter what seems to be happening there. Otherwise, there will be a huge calamity.”

“If we aren’t careful, the calamity might affect the primordial land, which we have to avoid.”

Hong Yuanchu was shocked.

Would it affect the Daoyuan realm cultivators?

They were not ready to face the great calamity yet.

Since this matter concerned their lives, these Dao realm cultivators did not dare to be careless. They naturally restrained the Dao realm cultivators in the Desolate Ancient Zone.

After deceiving the Daoyuan and Dao realm cultivators, Chu Xuan continued to focus on the Central Zone.

At this moment, the sky above the Central Zone was turning redder and redder, and an oppressive aura filled the hearts of almost all of the cultivators of the Central Zone.

Central Zone, Central Region, where the alliance’s headquarters was located.

Ji Dexin stood on a mountaintop and looked up at the sky, frowning slightly.

The entire sky was dyed red. The signs of this Great Daoyuan calamity were beyond his expectations.

“The Great Daoyuan calamity shouldn’t be like this.”

Ji Dexin’s eyes glowed with a mysterious light. He looked at the sky, as if he was trying to decipher something.

However, all he saw was a mess.

“I’m afraid that this calamity is not ordinary.”

An old man walked over from behind.

“What do you think, elder?”

Ji Dexin looked at the old man respectfully.

This old man was an expert from the older generation of the Ji family and had surpassed the Divine realm. However, for some special reason, he was residing with the Ji family.

He only came out of seclusion after the Great Daoyuan calamity arrived.

“I can’t see through it either.”

The Ji family elder shook his head and said, “I’m afraid there will be Dao realm blood fiends.”

Ji Dexin nodded and asked, ” Elder, you should be able to handle it, right?”

The Ji family elder sighed.

Ji Dexin remained silent.

“You are the future of the Ji family. No matter what, you can’t take too many risks.”

“I know what needs to be done.”

“I’ll go look for those old guys and talk about countermeasures for this.”

The Ji family elder left.

The blood-red sky suddenly erupted.

It was like boiling blood, bubbling and swirling.

Then, blood fiends with bulging muscles and brutal auras descended from the sky.

“Assemble the battle formation! Kill!”

In the cultivator army, relying on the battle formations, the auras of the cultivator army condensed and were channeled through the battle formations, releasing a terrifying attack.

They wanted to kill blood fiends before they landed.

A terrifying blood-colored figure appeared in the sky, exuding an aura that had clearly surpassed the Divine realm.

It launched an attack, and even though the cultivator army had launched their strongest attack, they were still unable to defend themselves. In an instant, they were turned into a bloody mist that permeated the air.

The Great Daoyuan calamity had finally descended upon the Central Zone!

It was also at this moment that the figures of the ghost race experts appeared in various regions of the Central Zone. The Heavenly Dao seals on their bodies disappeared in the blink of an eye and disappeared into the shaking sky.

A Dao realm blood fiend had descended, and wiped out two battle formations in an instant.

Two powerful auras charged into the sky and blocked the Dao realm blood fiend. A huge battle broke out in the sky.

“All Supreme realm cultivators, set up the flying dragon battle formation and get rid of the blood fiends on the ground!”

“All Emperor realm cultivators, set up the Starlight battle formation and protect the women and children. Anyone below the Emperor realm is to enter the shelter!”

“The human race rose up in the Great Daoyuan calamity, and we will do the same during this Great Daoyuan calamity!”

Ji Dexin’s voice was loud and clear as he sent out orders to all of the regions through communication talismans.

Another Dao realm blood fiend descended.

Two more Dao realm cultivators charged into the sky and fought with it.

He led the Divine realm experts of the Ji family to kill the Divine realm blood fiends.

The Ji family’s Divine realm experts were not as powerful as him, but the power they used was similar to Ji Dexin’s. Their attacks also weakened the blood-colored spiritual energy to prevent the blood fiends from becoming stronger after revival.

Two Dao realm blood fiends had descended upon the Central Region, whereas in the Qian Region, which was the second-most powerful region, a single Dao realm blood fiend had descended.

A Dao realm elder from an ancient force in the Qian Region charged forward and began to fight it in the sky.

Qian Ming stared at the sky and watched as the other blood fiends got closer and closer. His Heavenly Dao seal had already flown up into the sky and successfully penetrated the laws of Heaven and Earth of the Qian Region.