Chapter 336 - Qian Ming Rises Up

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Chapter 336: Qian Ming Rises Up

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Qian Ming stared at the blood fiends that were falling from the sky, specifically at the Heaven realm blood fiends. They were his target.

He wanted to rise up during this Great Daoyuan calamity.

Since his senior brothers had already taken action, it was time for him to follow in their footsteps.

The geniuses of the Qian Region all rushed up and fought in the sky.

They fought with serious expressions, which turned solemn after they saw the blood fiends revive and become stronger after death.

It was at this point that everyone truly realized how terrifying the blood fiends were.

Some geniuses fell in battle.

Others rose up while fighting and broke through to become stronger.

Qian Ming stood at the peak of the mountain. His figure transformed and the entire mountain seemed to have become part of his body.

Every blade of grass and tree seemed to be his weapon.

His fellow sect cultivators all turned pale and ran away.

Not far away, an expert from an ancient force looked at Qian Ming with shock.

There was such a terrifying Heaven’s Blessed here?

This genius’ strength had clearly surpassed the other Heaven realm geniuses, yet he seemed to have only just reached the Heaven realm.

His true body disappeared, but the mountain itself moved, soaring into the sky.

The wind surrounding the mountain turned into sharp blades, and countless trees turned into all kinds of weapons. Flames surged, and an aura of destruction erupted.

Everything a few dozen miles of the mountain turned into elements or weapons that fused into his attack.

“Heaven and Earth Myriad Transformation technique!”

For the first time, Qian Ming displayed his power!

The first blood fiend shattered, and the blood-colored spiritual energy that it turned into was cleansed, becoming thinner and thinner.

Another blood fiend shattered!

The mountain hurled itself into the descending blood fiends, obliterating them and cleansing the resulting blood-colored spiritual energy.

Qian Ming’s feats overshadowed countless geniuses from the Qian Region, including the successors of the ancient forces.

Killing Heaven realm blood fiends seemed effortless to him.

As the son of fate of the Qian Region, Qian Ming’s rise was inevitable.

“Your disciple, Qian Ming, shook the entire Qian Region and rose to power. He fought for fate amidst the Great Daoyuan calamity and his cultivation soared. Your Fate Dao principle has advanced.”

Qian Ming has risen up.

Chu Xuan was not surprised by this. After all, Qian Ming was the son of fate of the Qian Region.

Moreover, he was cultivating the Heaven and Earth Myriad Transformation technique, which Chu Xuan had handpicked for him.

Among the disciples, Qian Ming was the most junior, and also the weakest. Now, thanks to the calamity, he was catching up with the others.

Right now, only Qin Ying, Hei Yue, Demon Buddha, and Hu Tianya had not achieved feats of greatness, but Chu Xuan believed that it would not be long before he reaped a harvest from them.

They were, after all, his disciples.

The battles in the Central Zone continued, bathing both the sky and the earth in blood.

The humans were at an advantage, but the blood fiends were constantly getting stronger after revival.

It was time for a new strategy.

Formation experts and cultivators who practiced special cultivation techniques joined the army, constantly purifying the blood-colored spiritual energy to prevent the blood-colored spiritual energy from gathering together.

The human race’s fate was still unstable.

The outcome of the battle had yet to be determined.

The Heavenly Dao laws were also quietly expanding.

Another Heaven realm blood fiend was killed by Qian Ming.

Chu Xuan was worried about the situation in the Central Zone and frowned. He took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and connected it to the Qian Region where Qian Ming was.

When the image projection appeared, what greeted his eyes was a sea of blood in the sky.

The blood fiends looked like raindrops as they fell from the sky one after another.

The human army continued to fight.

Chu Xuan turned his attention to Qian Ming. His disciple had already reached the fifth level of the Heaven realm.

The stronger he became, the stronger his fate became. As he rose up, the Qian Region’s fate rose with him.

Not far away, tens of thousands of cultivators were gathered together, combining their power to form a unique formation. Their combined attack swept away countless blood fiends, and even purified some of the blood-colored spiritual energy.

The battle formation of the Heaven realm cultivators was even more terrifying. A 100-man Heaven realm battle formation could match a Divine realm blood fiend!

This was the power of the battle formations that had contributed to the rise of the human race back then. Even though they lacked top-notch cultivators in that era, they relied on these battle formations to fight the experts of the demon and monster race.

The battle was extremely intense. Chu Xuan could sense that two regions of the Central Zone were on the verge of collapse.

Deactivating the Myriad Heavenly Mirror, Chu Xuan took out the Heaven-spying Mirror and infused his Dao aura into it.

The battle between the Dao realm experts was still ongoing.

In the image projection, two human Dao realm experts were fighting against a Dao realm blood fiend.

When Chu Xuan examined their cultivation, he realized that it was just as he expected. The Dao realm experts who had chosen to remain in the nine zones all had issues with their cultivation.

The entire Central Zone was in turmoil.

The battle continued for a few days, but the blood-red sky did not relent. The blood fiends kept descending upon the human army, which was already starting to show signs of exhaustion.

The two regions in danger suddenly received reinforcements.

Some Divine realm experts returned from the Desolate Ancient Region and joined the battle.

In any case, there was no lack of Divine realm cultivators who were nearing the end of their lifespans.

Chu Xuan observed the situation silently. He did not plan on interfering for the time being, as he wanted to avoid being targeted by the Great Daoyuan calamity, as well as that hidden expert.

He believed that the human race’s Foundation was not limited to this, and that their true trump cards would only be revealed when it became a crisis of existence.

Qian Ming had already stopped fighting and was now recuperating, and the mountain he had used was currently in ruins after the battle. As he continued to fight for fate, his cultivation would soar, and soon enough, he would break through to the Divine realm, possibly even before the first wave concluded.