Chapter 337 - The Reincarnation Of A Half-Saint Of The Celestial Race

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Chapter 337: The Reincarnation Of A Half-Saint Of The Celestial Race

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Chu Xuan sighed. The Great Daoyuan was indeed a golden opportunity for courageous cultivators to rise up. It was not unusual for cultivators to experience more than one breakthrough during or after a battle.

Of course, to be able to make full use of this golden opportunity, these cultivators had to fight for fate, and be powerful enough to begin with.

As long as the human race could withstand these attacks, they would experience an increase in strength.

If they could not, then the human race would decline.

Qian Ming once again joined in the battle.

The blood-colored sky started to tremble and swirl, as if it was going to collapse.

In the Central Region of the Central Zone, a crack suddenly appeared in the sky.

A terrifying blood fiend descended.

Countless experts from the ancient forces were shocked.

Another Dao realm blood fiend!

The Dao realm experts of the human race were all already fighting. There were none left to engage this newcomer.

A dozen peak Divine Realm experts gritted their teeth and charged into the sky, trying to stop the Dao realm blood fiend.

Even though they knew that they were no match for it, they did not have a choice.

Among the people who attacked was the current head of the Ji family, Ji Tianbei.

“Dexin, retreat quickly!”

As long as Ji Dexin survived, the Ji family’s legacy would be preserved. His talent far surpassed the other geniuses of the nine zones, so he could not be allowed to fall here.

However, Ji Dexin did not retreat.

Ji Dexin raised his sword and faced the Dao realm blood fiend.

Ji Tianbei and the other elders of the Ji family were all shocked.

“Dexin, you can’t, retreat quickly!”

Through the Heaven-spying Mirror, Chu Xuan saw Ji Dexin rise into the sky to meet the Dao realm blood fiend.

Challenging a Dao realm blood fiend?

If he succeeded, Ji Dexin would be the biggest beneficiary of this wave of the calamity in the Central Zone.

Within a radius of a hundred miles, the sky was clear.

The Dao realm blood fiend had fallen!

A mysterious aura suddenly appeared and enveloped him.

The blessing of the Great Dao!

Everyone was stunned.

Ji Dexin had succeeded in challenging the Dao realm blood fiend!

What kind of monster was he?

The elders of the Ji family were ecstatic.

Many of the ancient forces were silent and fearful.

Chu Xuan’s expression turned serious.

Divine realm cultivators should have had no way of killing or resisting a Dao realm cultivator. There was something wrong with Ji Dexin’s armor and sword.

Ji Dexin’s aura was growing stronger and stronger. He was now just a step away from the Dao realm.

Chu Xuan felt that Ji Dexin should have been able to reach the Dao realm, but had instead suppressed the breakthrough.

Was he planning to continue to fight for fate as a Divine realm cultivator? This genius was definitely hiding a big secret.

Heavenly Secrets Origin Probing technique!

Ji Dexin, possesses the fate of the Great Dao, and is the reincarnation of a half-saint of the celestial race. He is the young master of the Ji family.

Chu Xuan was stunned.

A half-saint of the celestial race?

Moreover, Ji Dexin was actually a person who possessed the fate of the Great Dao. Was it because he had just been blessed by the Great Dao, or was it because his original self was someone who had transcended the nine zones

What was the cultivation level of a half-saint?

Chu Xuan pondered for a moment. The Jade Crystal Palace was the cultivation abode of a saint of the celestial race, which was equivalent to Daoyuan realm cultivation.

As such, was a half-saint a 36th-level Dao realm expert?

Or was a half-saint a peak 36th-level Dao realm expert who was just one step away from the Daoyuan realm?

It was no surprise then, that Ji Dexin was so extraordinary.

However, why had Ji Dexin reincarnated into the human race?

Was the celestial race planning something?

Chu Xuan could not help but think of that hidden expert in the Western Zone.

Could he also be a member of the celestial race?

However, judging by the sides they chose, that hidden expert was probably not from the celestial race.

Perhaps that person was from the demon or monster race that had left the nine zones?

Were these races trying to return to the nine zones?

These were powerful races, so if they planned to return to the nine zones, it would spell danger for Chu Xuan.

He had to reach the Daoyuan realm as soon as possible!

The future was uncertain, and only strength would be able to guarantee that he would be able to maintain his peaceful existence.

Ji Dexin… interesting!

Chu Xuan narrowed his eyes. The Ji family was an ancient force with a long history. Ji Dexin probably reincarnated into the Ji family to take advantage of their status in the human race.

What exactly was he planning?

Chu Xuan felt that he needed to understand the Ji family better.

Hong Yuanchu was one of the ancestors who had led the human race to become an overlord race. However, there was no Hong family in the nine zones. Did Hong Yuanchu leave behind an inheritance?

If the Ji family had a Daoyuan realm expert, would he or she be able to detect the abnormality with Ji Dexin?

He could ask Hong Yuanchu about it.

Chu Xuan wanted to understand what kind of existence the Ji family’s old ancestor was.

Hong Yuanchu was definitely not the first Daoyuan realm expert among the human race. In the human race’s long history, even while they were suppressed by the other races, they should have had their fair share of experts.