Chapter 338 - Great Dao Calamity Aura

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Chapter 338: Great Dao Calamity Aura

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Ji Dexin’s slaying of the Dao realm blood fiend meant that the human race had emerged victorious in this wave of the calamity in the Central Zone.

The human race had survived.

Although the battle was still going on, the human race had gained the upper hand, and the morale of the human race soared.

However, the danger had not passed. There would be more waves as the calamity progressed, and things would not be finished until the Great Daoyuan calamity had concluded.

Qian Ming was still in the battle. Although he was not as dazzling as Ji Dexin, he was one of the most outstanding geniuses in the Central Zone.

As he continued to fight for fate amidst the calamity, he further solidified his position as the son of fate of the Qian Region.

If nothing expected happened, Qian Ming would reach the Dao realm by the end of this Great Daoyuan calamity.

Chu Xuan turned his attention away from the Central Zone.

Now, in the entire nine zones, other than the Northern Zone, only the Desolate Ancient Zone was untouched by the blood fiend race.

However, Chu Xuan was certain that it would not remain this way.

After a long journey, Ren Changhe finally reached the outer perimeter of the primordial land.

Although it was still a distance away from the primordial land, there was a barrier that prevented his entry, so this was the best he could do.

He began to prepare and set up things according to Chu Xuan’s instructions.

Chu Xuan then instructed Ren Changhe to return to the Northern Zone after completing his task.

It was time for the Heavenly Dao laws to give birth to a Dao realm expert.

After the Great Daoyuan calamity descended upon the Central Zone, the nine zones became more and more chaotic. The blood fiend race continued to wage war on the living beings of the nine zones, wiping out many small races.

The members of the Great Dao Communication Group also became active and talked about the changes they felt.

For example, Ying Kong, who was the weakest among them, jumped out and said that he had been feeling uneasy recently and had a feeling that a great opportunity was waiting for him.

Ying Kong was very scared. After hearing Chu Xuan’s previous words in the group, he did not even dare to exit his secluded cultivation, and did his best to suppress his urge and the calling to enter the calamity.

Ying Kong was not the only one who felt this way. Some of the other members of the group also expressed that they were being tempted by this mysterious temptation.

This was a sign that the Dao realm experts were about to enter calamity.

Hong Yuanchu and the other Daoyuan realm experts told them to stabilize their minds. At this critical moment, they remain calm.

Hong Yuanchu and the others who had experienced the last Great Daoyuan calamity were solemn. The calamity was developing too quickly, and something was obviously wrong.

How long has it been since the Great Daoyuan calamity started?

Not even a hundred years had passed, and yet the calamity was starting to tempt Dao realm experts into entering the calamity.

This was dangerous, so they did their best to forbid any Dao realm cultivators in the Desolate Ancient Zone from entering the calamity.

Suddenly, Yi Yuejun returned.

“Daoist Brother Chu, it was so scary. I almost met my end!”

Chu Xuan was shocked. What had happened?

Yi Yuejun was a creature of the Great Dao. As long as darkness existed, he would too. How could he have almost died?

What was that strange black power?

“Fellow Daoist Yi Yuejun, what’s going on?”

Yi Yuejun’s expression was solemn, and there was a trace of fear in his eyes.

“That strange black power is extremely terrifying. After I touched it, it began to corrode me. I resisted it while continuing to explore, but in the end, my entire body mutated.”

Yi Yuejun continued fearfully, “That strange black power is very ominous. After my body was corroded, I actually grew red feathers!”

What the hell? You grew red feathers?

Although Chu Xuan was stunned, he realized that it was extremely unusual for a ten-winged Hell Devouring Roc to grow red feathers.

“What happened after that?”

Chu Xuan asked curiously.

Could it be that Yi Yuejun was now a red Roc?

If that was the case, he would have his suspicions that the latter was transforming into a blood fiend.

Creatures of the Great Dao would not turn into blood fiends, would they?

That would be truly terrifying!

“Of course I was happy at the beginning. After all, my feathers now had a new color.”

“I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. After all, it was just an additional color, but as it progressed, half of my feathers became rainbow-colored.”

“If that was the extent of it, it would have been fine, but the different-colored feathers started to repel each other. I feel like something is wrong with my entire body. It was then that I realized that things were serious, and I did my best to expel the strange black power from my body.”

Chu Xuan’s expression also turned serious.

When Yi Yuejun tried to expel the corrosive strange black power, he encountered resistance. Despite his strength, he was actually unable to expel it from his body for a long time.

He was so scared that he did not dare to stay around the strange black power. However, no matter where he turned, he was trapped by the strange black power. It was like a fog that surrounded him.

Still, he was a powerful creature of the Great Dao, so he eventually made it out. After that, he focused on expelling the strange black power from his body, which took even longer.

This was the reason why Yi Yuejun had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Fellow Daoist Yi Yuejun, what do you think of the strange black power?”

Something that could corrode a creature of the Great Dao was terrifying.

Yi Yuejun pondered for a long time before saying, “I can sense the aura of calamity from that strange black power. It’s ominous and inauspicious.”

“I suspect it’s the legendary Great Dao calamity aura!”

Yi Yuejun continued seriously, “When I was born, I was born with an inheritance and legacy in my mind. Parts of this described the Great Dao calamity aura, and how dangerous it was, even to Daoyuan realm experts.”

The Great Dao calamity aura!

This was definitely related to the Great Dao calamity!