Chapter 340 - Secrets Of The Daoyuan Realm

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Chapter 340: Secrets Of The Daoyuan Realm

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Hong Yuanchu suddenly realized that although he was one of the people who led the human race to rise to become an overlord race of the nine zones…

The experts who had led the human race while they were weak, and established them as a strong race in the nine zones, had all disappeared.

“Daoist Brother Chu, I just remembered something. When I was about to open my Dao path, a demon expert tried to kill me, but an unknown human expert blocked him.”

“I only had a quick glance at that time. Later on, I heard that the human expert who attacked was the son of the Ji family’s human king, a Daoyuan realm expert.”

Chu Xuan’s expression became strange.

Hong Yuanchu was a Daoyuan realm expert. Why was his memory so poor to the point that he only remembered this incident after being prompted?

He had probably been affected by some sort of strange power, resulting in these memories fading into the back of his mind.

After Hong Yuanchu finished speaking, he fell silent.

He was not stupid, so he naturally realized that something was wrong.

The strange power that affected his memories had probably been used on him before he opened his Dao path.

Was it done by someone or something?

If it was done by a person, that meant that he had long been targeted by a Daoyuan realm expert…

And that expert was very likely to be a human.

What was the other party’s purpose in doing this?

Hong Yuanchu’s expression darkened.

Which unparalleled expert was not prideful?

He had led the human race to rise to power and become the overlord race of the nine zones, yet he had fallen victim to some unknown expert without even realizing it.

“Daoist Brother Chu, do you think it was done by someone, or …?”

How would Chu Xuan know?

After all, his cultivation had yet to reach the Daoyuan realm.

Whether it was done by someone or influenced by the laws of the Great Dao, no one knew.

Therefore, Chu Xuan did not answer directly, but instead asked, “Fellow Daoist, do Mo Tu and the others know of the demon race’s pioneers before them?”

Hong Yuanchu was stunned.

That was a good question!

If he did not, and part of his memories were lost too, then it was likely that it was not done by a human expert and perhaps instead the laws of the Great Dao.

Chu Xuan continued to ask, “Is there a Daoyuan realm expert from the Ji family in the primordial land? Are there any Dao realm cultivators from the Ji family?”

Hong Yuanchu replied, “We don’t know how many Dao realm experts the Ji family has. If there is a Daoyuan realm expert who’s hiding himself, we won’t know unless he shows himself or leaves this place to head to thenine zones.”

Chu Xuan obtained new information from Hong Yuanchu’s words.

If there was a Daoyuan realm expert in the empty space above the primordial land, Hong Yuanchu and the others would have no way of knowing. Only when someone left that space would the others be able to sense their presence.

The waters of the nine zones indeed ran deep.

Where did the Daoyuan realm experts before Hong Yuanchu and the others go?

Why had Hong Yuanchu forgotten about this?

“Daoist Brother Chu, why are you asking about the Ji family?” Hong Yuanchu asked curiously.

“I found something interesting, so I was just casually asking.”

Hong Yuanchu tactfully stopped asking since Chu Xuan did not elaborate.

After chatting about the Ji family, Chu Xuan ended his private chat with Hong Yuanchu.

According to the information he had obtained from Hong Yuanchu, the Ji family had a long history. The Ji family’s human king was one of the key figures that led the human race to establish themselves as a strong race.

Although they were not as strong as the demon race and the monster race, they were able to hold their own.

Then, in Hong Yuanchu’s era, they rose up to become an overlord race of the nine zones.

Without a doubt, the Ji family’s human king was a peerless genius, who managed to reach the Daoyuan realm despite the suppression of the demons and monsters.

Furthermore, when Hong Yuanchu was about to open his Dao path, a Daoyuan realm expert that was suspected to be the son of the Ji family’s human king saved him.

This meant that the Ji family had more than one Daoyuan realm expert.

However, both were missing. Clearly there was something unusual about this whole situation.

He needed to pay more attention to Ji Dexin.

The group chat started to become active.

When Hong Yuanchu asked Mo Tu and Mo Zhan about their predecessors, they were both shocked.

Were it not for Hong Yuanchu’s question, they would never have thought about this matter.

It was as if there was a law that made them think that they were the first generation of Daoyuan realm experts among the demon race.

Hence, in the group chat, Mo Tu and the other Daoyuan realm experts began to discuss this matter and the possible causes.

If the human race, demon race, and monster race Daoyuan realm experts had all experienced this, then the possibility of it having been done by someone was very small.

The other smaller races also jumped out, wondering if there had been other Daoyuan realm experts before them.

Chu Xuan observed their discussion and suddenly realized that he knew too little about the Daoyuan realm.

The strength of one’s cultivation level depended on the Dao path that one opened. The length and width of the path indicated the strength of one’s cultivation level.

The length of the path had to have some sort of benchmark.

At present, the Daoyuan realm experts in the group were all in thee early stages of opening their Dao paths.

Chu Xuan knew that, before he bragged about opening a Dao path that was millions of miles long, the goal of the entire group was to open a Dao path that was ten thousand miles long.

This was probably not some random number, but rather some sort of benchmark.

Did the Ji family’s human king and the other previous Daoyuan realm experts leave after they had achieved this benchmark or because they had reached a certain limit?

Perhaps one would only be able to leave the Great Dao when one’s Dao path had become long enough.

Were these people beyond the Great Dao?

Chu Xuan felt it was possible.

It seemed that there were a lot of secrets within the Daoyuan realm.

He had to be more careful when talking about the Daoyuan realm with others to avoid exposing himself.

Once again, he turned his gaze to the Heavenly Dao laws.

The Heavenly Dao laws could also be considered an alternative method of opening up a Dao path. That being said, the Heavenly Dao laws were currently not strong enough to be on the same level as opening up one’s own Dao path.

Still, that would change with time, as the Heavenly Dao laws continued their expansion into the nine zones.