Chapter 341 - Hei Yue's Plan

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Chapter 341: Hei Yue’s Plan

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It was the most chaotic and active zone in the nine zones due to the number of races that inhabited this zone.

The ten regions in the Chaos Zone occupied a territory that was far larger than the Northern Zone.

With the arrival of the Great Daoyuan calamity and the appearance of the blood fiend race, the various races all chose to do different things.

Some races wanted to rise up in the Great Daoyuan calamity and lay low, waiting for an opportunity. They did not fight the blood fiend race in order to preserve their own strength.

There were also other races and forces that fought the blood fiend race in order to fight for fate.

Many small races were wiped out by the blood fiend race, and the overall population of the Chaos Zone was even reduced by two percent within ashort period of time.

Heretic cultivators became more and more active. They took the opportunity to kill other living beings to cultivate their evil techniques.

The Great Evil Palace had been disbanded, and their leaders were nowhere to be found.

The Little Evil King’s eyes were bloodshot. He was desperate to find a treasure that could restore his third leg.

Incidentally, he had just reached the Heaven realm, and his moniker of the Alluring Demon King was famous throughout the Chaos Zone.

Every time Little Evil King heard this moniker, he would be infuriated.

In the Chaos Zone, the Black Moon Tower was a unique faction. They provided intelligence and sold communication talismans, myriad zone talismans, and other resources.

They also traveled everywhere, occasionally burying some pillars in the mountains.

Some small races and forces had dug these pillars out to take a look, only to find that they were very ordinary and only used to detect spiritual objects underground. They were not worth much.

Since that was the case, it was not worth offending the Black Moon Tower over them.

Of course, there were also greedy forces and cultivators who wanted to take the pillars for themselves after digging it out, wanting to refine the pillar and forge it into a weapon.

However, after a few experts were killed to make an example, no one took this risk for this tiny bit of profit.

There were also some major forces in the Chaos Zone that kept a close eye on the Black Moon Tower, wary of their purpose and intention.

Then, Grandpa Zhang made an appearance and revealed his peak Divine realm cultivation, intimidating them.

Since the Great Daoyuan calamity had arrived, there was no point making an additional enemy for no reason.

Initially, the blood fiends were scattered all over the Chaos Zone. However, at some point in time, some experts and major forces suddenly realized that the blood fiends were gradually gathering together, specifically within three regions of the Chaos Zone.

The forces of these three regions felt an imminent sense of danger, and a number of the smaller forces and races started to flee those regions.

The major forces and stronger races kept trying to surround and annihilate the blood fiends. However, they could not kill all of them, and more powerful blood fiends kept appearing as time went by.

Soon, things spiraled beyond the control of the major forces of those regions, and they had to retreat.

The major forces that had withdrawn from the three regions naturally tried to fight to obtain their own territory in the regions they retreated to, causing even more chaos.

This was the unique thing about the Chaos Zone. Everyone was out to secure their own benefits, and would not work together for fear of being backstabbed or being taken advantage of.

More and more blood fiends gathered in the three regions, which caused everyone’s attention to focus there. Why were they doing this?

Was there a supreme treasure there?

If the blood fiends confined themselves to the three regions, they would be happy. After all, there were still seven regions for them to fight over.

However, if the blood fiends went beyond the borders of those three regions, then they might have to come up with a plan.

On a mountain peak, Hei Yue looked at the blood fiends in the distance that were growing even more numerous as time passed.

After entering the three regions, these blood fiends no longer seemed to crave battle for some reason.

Hei Yue had already learned about the Great Daoyuan calamity in the Central Zone.

Ji Dexin’s rise and the fact that he had killed a Dao realm blood fiend was even more surprising.

Even Hei Yue felt somewhat helpless. How could she catch up to a monster like Ji Dexin?

Although she had no grudges with Ji Dexin, the latter would definitely eventually interfere with her plans, as well as what she wanted to do in the Central Zone.

The chances of conflict breaking out between them were very high.

However, after a brief moment of melancholy, Hei Yue refocused herself and continued working on her plans.

Since Su Xian’er had come over, she could provide her with assistance.

Grandpa Zhang’s figure appeared and he said worriedly, “Yue’er, are you really confident? Are you sure that this is feasible?”

Hei Yue’s expression was calm, and no emotional fluctuations could be seen on her face.

Grandpa Zhang sighed.

He wanted to advise Hei Yue not to be so persistent about the past enmity, but given her stubbornness, how could she let it go?

How could he himself let it go?

“It’s useless even if you reach the Divine realm,” Zhang Han said helplessly.

“I’m aware of that, Grandfather. Don’t forget that I have Master’s support. Even Dao realm experts are not indestructible.”

Hei Yue’s voice was soft.

The blood fiends in the three regions had congregated in endless numbers, and everyone was watching these regions nervously.

They suddenly recalled that the pillars that the Black Moon Tower had buried seemed to be mainly distributed within these three regions.

What did the Black Moon Tower want to do?

What method did they use to attract the blood fiends to gather in those three regions?

Su Xian’er excitedly rushed over to the mountain peak where Hei Yue was, saying: “Little Yue, everything is ready.”

“It’s about time to start.”

Hei Yue revealed a look of anticipation.

Thanks to Su Xian’er’s arrival, the plan’s implementation had been accelerated.

“Little Yue, you should smile more and show more emotion. Otherwise, people will think that you’re heartless.”

Hei Yue shook her head and sighed inwardly.

Su Xian’er was indeed her master’s maidservant. She had so many strange and unique treasures with her.

Looking at the dense mass of blood fiends, even Su Xian’er felt somewhat apprehensive.

“Little Yue, are you sure about this?”

“There shouldn’t be any problems,” Hei Yue said with certainty.

“Alright then. In any case, even if we fail, we can still escape.”

Su Xian’er nodded her head.