Chapter 343 - Hei Yue's Surprise (Part 2)

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Chapter 343: Hei Yue’s Surprise (Part 2)

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After all, the blood fiend race was special. Killing blood fiends was easy enough, especially in the initial stages, but that was only the start of the problems.

Unbelievably, as time passed, many experts were surprised to find that the blood-colored spiritual energy in the three regions was slowly fading.

Had the Black Moon Tower really mastered a method of completely eliminating blood fiends?

Many forces revealed greedy expressions, especially some of the races who had been eyeing the chance to rise up during this calamity to restore the glory of their race.

Sure, the Black Moon Tower was very powerful, but greed and temptation were powerful driving forces that could make one lose their sense of rationality.

As such, some races began to discuss the possibility of a secret alliance to seize this method from the Black Moon Tower.

The blood-colored spiritual energy in the three regions continued to weaken. As it did, the Heavenly Dao laws also rapidly devoured the laws of Heaven and Earth in those regions.

The day the blood-colored spiritual energy dissipated entirely would be the day the Heavenly Dao laws took over those three regions.

In addition to those three regions, the Heavenly Dao laws also infiltrated the other seven regions of the Chaos Zone, albeit at a much slower pace.

Hei Yue’s plan was immaculate, and her execution was precise. Chu Xuan was very satisfied with this disciple of his.

When Hei Yue returned to the Central Zone, he believed that she would be able to come up with a plan to increase the rate of expansion of the Heavenly Dao laws there as well.

The only obstacle was probably Ji Dexin.

Chu Xuan hoped that Ji Dexin would not interfere with Hei Yue’s plans in the future. If necessary, Chu Xuan felt that he could knock him down a peg or two. If things really came to a head, Chu Xuan might have to look for an opportunity to kill him.

The question he had to answer before that, though, was whether the hidden expert in the Western Zone was collaborating or communicating with Ji Dexin.

Chu Xuan was waiting for the three regions to be incorporated into the Heavenly Dao laws, which would increase his cultivation level again. As almost the entire population of blood fiends in the Chaos Zone had congregated there, the blood-colored spiritual energy was extremely dense, and would take quite some time to dissipate.

As for those races in the Chaos Zone scheming against the Black Moon Tower, they were irrelevant.

Hei Yue had definitely foreseen this, and had probably factored it into her own plan. Perhaps those races would become her stepping stone as she fought for more fate during the Great Daoyuan calamity.

The nine zones were at war, and countless small races either rose up, or went extinct.

The Monster Zone was rife with such affairs. Given the violent nature of these monsters, they killed each other as well as the blood fiends. A number of tribes had already been eradicated due to this.

Hu Tianya had gathered the Heavenly Tiger tribe’s forces, as well as roped in other monster tribes with special abilities. They had been biding their time this entire time, choosing only to defend themselves.

He was waiting for an opportunity, one that would become a turning point in this war.

Only then would he be able to reap a bountiful harvest.

This excited the elders of the Heavenly Tiger tribe to no end. The Heavenly Tiger tribe would rise amidst this calamity!

Chu Xuan hoped that Hu Tianya wouldn’t let him down.

He did not expect this little tiger to be as capable as Hei Yue, but he had his own expectations for this disciple.

Hu Tianya’s rise and the fate transformation would provide a huge boost to the Heavenly Dao laws’ expansion.

Ding Yue and Xiao Liang were still fighting with blood fiend race.

Unexpectedly, it seemed that the blood fiend race seemed to be holding back somewhat. It almost seemed as if they no longer wanted to conquer the entire Western Zone.

Something felt very wrong here.

These blood fiends seemed to be planning something, or perhaps they were waiting for an opportunity.

In the Southern Zone, Fengkong, together with Wang Luo and Xiang Xing, were trying to find a way to deal with the massive ancient battlefield in the Central Region.

If they did not deal with this ancient battlefield, Fengkong would not be able to leave.

The situation in the Southern Region was relatively stable.

Xiang Bang was hunting down blood fiends everywhere to control the situation in the Southern Region. He realized that the more he fought them, and the better he controlled the situation, the more his fate seemed to transform.

The Dao realm was no longer an impossible goal for him.

The blood-colored spiritual energy in the three regions of the Chaos Zone finally dissipated completely.

“Your Heavenly Dao laws have taken over three regions in the Chaos Zone. You have been rewarded with three cultivation level advancements.”