Chapter 345 - Heavenly Punishment (Part 1)

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Chapter 345: Heavenly Punishment (Part 1)

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“Tower Master Hei Yue, how can the human race’s secret method fall into the hands of outsiders?”

A human expert cupped his hands and said.

“The Great Daoyuan calamity is an opportunity for the entire human race.”

“Tower Master is a proud Heaven’s Blessed of the human race and has made an enormous contribution by creating this secret method to eliminate the blood fiends.”

“However, Tower Master, the Black Moon Tower is insufficient to fully unleash the power of this secret method and make full use of it. Alone, you might be targeted by the other races. It would be best to pass it on to us so that we can work together to ensure the rise of the human race!”

When Su Xian’er heard this, she gritted her teeth in anger. These people were really shameless.

Hei Yue, however, had a calm expression on her face. She was not angry at all, nor did she pretend to be polite to these people.

“If you want the secret method, just be upfront about it? There’s no need to put on a show to justify your greed.”

I’ll give you a chance. If you retreat now, I won’t hold it against you. If you still intend to seize the secret method, then you’ll have to pay for it with your lives.”

The expressions of the experts from both sides darkened when they heard this.

The Tower Master of the Black Moon Tower was being arrogant!

They were all Divine realm experts, and there were a number of seventh and eighth-level Divine realm experts in their ranks. Even a peak Divine realm expert would not be able to escape their grasp!

Where did her confidence come from?

A human expert stepped forth, the cold aura around his body swept out in every direction.

“Since that’s the case, don’t blame us for not considering our relationship as fellow humans.”

Suddenly, the shadow of a whip flew by and lashed out at him.

The human expert’s expression turned cold as he punched the whip.

The whip vibrated, and ice and fire appeared on it at the same time, instantly shattering the opponent’s punch.

Immediately after, the ice and fire swirled around and instantly enveloped the human expert.

The one who attacked was obviously Su Xian’er.

These hypocrites had pissed her off too much.

Then, the rest of the Divine realm experts from both sides charged.

“Since you won’t hand it over, don’t blame us for being ruthless.”

There were dozens of them.

Hei Yue’s expression was calm, but her eyes flashed with a cold gleam.

“Since you all have a death wish, I’ll grant your wish.”

She raised her slender hand, and a power that seemed to control all life erupted.

At the same time, a mark appeared on her forehead.

The Heavenly Dao seal!

Su Xian’er stopped her attack and looked at Hei Yue in surprise.

This power was very familiar.

Her eyes flickered, and she soon came to a realization.

Facing these Divine realm experts, Hei Yue was not the slightest bit concerned.

Grandpa Zhang, on the other hand, was very nervous.

Even though he knew Hei Yue possessed some extraordinary skills, going against this many Divine experts at once was still dangerous.

However, what he did not understand was how large the gap was between the Divine realm and the Dao realm. No matter how many Divine realm cultivators were on the other side, it did not matter.

A Divine realm expert who was charging over suddenly sensed that the world had suddenly changed, though he could not tell what the difference was.

As such, he chalked it up to being the results of having this many Divine realm experts acting in unison.

No one made the first move. Instead, they approached step by step, constantly putting pressure on Hei Yue.

After all, the first one to make a move would definitely not end up well.

Since that was the case, they would attack together and slowly force the Black Moon Tower to submit.

These Divine Realm cultivators were not stupid. Grandpa Zhang was a peak Divine realm expert. Whoever attacked first would bear the brunt of his fury and would most likely end up dead.

Seeing this, even Su Xian’er felt a little worried.

Hei Yue’s expression remained calm the entire time. The Heavenly Dao seal on her forehead glowed faintly, and that power that could control all life fused with the Heavenly Dao laws.

At this moment, Hei Yue’s entire being seemed to have sublimated, transforming her into a supreme existence that ruled over all life.

Of course, it was just an illusion.

Even if she cultivated the Heavenly Dao Scripture and was compatible with the power of the Heavenly Dao laws, she could not completely control the Heavenly Dao laws.

The Heavenly Dao seal was the channel by which she controlled the Heavenly Dao laws.

Glancing at the approaching Divine realm experts, Hei Yue remained silent. She had given them their chance.