Yours Forever

author:Bella Winters Genre:romance|mystery Last update time:2022/7/22 14:14:38

A Luxury Cruise. A Handsome Guitarist. A near perfect holiday!



A simple word that changed my life.

He’s standing in front of me. 

My heart beats faster….my mouth runs dry with lust and desire. 

I’m pretty sure I’m falling for HIM!

His hot muscular body sets a fire in the pit of my stomach…

A burning that races all the way down to my center. 

I can feel that intense heat and the need to have him.

One touch and I experience the most intense electrical sensation in the world.

And when life seems so perfect, he decides to leave!



“I walk through the midnight valley, thinking only of you…

you’re the love of my life and losing you makes me blue…”

I decide to pick up the pieces of my life, but seems like it has a different plan altogether.