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The Most Eligible Bachelor Bella Winters 2022/7/22 14:15:03

I didn’t turn around. Didn’t need to. I already knew the petite brunette calling to me was lying lazily on one side, eyes half open, looking at my naked body from across the room. There was the distinct ruffle of silk sheets, the soft moan of her equally-hot friend waking up next to her, a muffled giggle as their naked bodies intertwined.

I smiled to myself. Staring out at the street below through the large floor to ceiling window, I took a long puff from my cigarette and let the smoke cloud my faded reflection. The sun was coming up, and from the thirtieth floor, I had a perfect view of Austin as the city slowly woke up. I relished these moments, the few minutes in my life when I had complete peace and couldn’t be bothered by anything else except the view and the smoke filling my lungs.

The fact that the girls were waking up naked in my bed was only going to ruin that for me.

“Come on, Chance,” came the voice of the second girl, don’t ask me her name, hoarse from all the screaming she did last night, yet seductive enough to make my cock twitch. “How about we give you a little breakfast in bed?”

After what I had done to the both of them last night, I had a feeling their idea of breakfast was going to be just a little too tame for my taste. I took another drag from my cigarette, watched as the morning joggers ran down the sidewalks of the park across the street, and stretched my arms toward the high ceiling. My phone beeped, a reminder that my life was already starting, and I sighed as I put the cigarette out.

“Sorry, girls, work beckons, you’ll have to eat without me,” I said, walking out of the room, barely glancing at them as they watched me leave.

I crossed the large expanse of the living room, kicking panties and bras aside as the automatic curtains opened and let the sun in. The automated penthouse where I had spent the last seven years of my life slowly came alive, coffee machine turning on, the large flat screen waking up and displaying the six o’clock news, and the chime of my computer starting up with an immediate display of my email and to-do list.

I walked past it all and made my way upstairs to the second floor to the secluded master bedroom. I never brought girls here. This was my sanctuary. The parties always happened in the second master downstairs with the oversized king-size bed.

I continued on the master bathroom, which was larger than most apartments in Austin, and turned on the hot water and stepped inside. I leaned against the Italian marble tile wall and let the steaming jets wash away last night’s grime, then stepped out and dried myself off. My day had begun. I was in work mode. Everything on a precise schedule. Three minutes for a shower when I was alone, tops.

My suit had already been laid out for me the night before, a gentle reminder from Pauline that she had been here to tidy up despite my late-night antics. I made a mental note to give her a little something extra the next time I made out her check.

From downstairs, I could hear the soft giggles and whispers of the girls as they gathered their clothes. I got dressed quickly, slapped on my platinum Rolex watch, and made my way back downstairs. The girls were sprawled across the couch in their lingerie now, lazily filling up glasses with what was left of last night’s champagne and enjoying the view.

“This place is incredible, Chance,” one of them said, turning around to look at me as she swayed gently from side to side.

“Didn’t notice much last night, huh?” I asked, grabbing my phone and keys.

“We were too busy noticing other things last night,” the second girl giggled. “Like the size of your cock.” Giggles all around.

I nodded. “Well, make yourselves at home,” I said, heading for the door.

“We’ll be here waiting when you get home!” the first girl called. Again, no clue what her name was. She did have an amazing set of tits and the tighter pussy of the two, but I digress.

Babe, I’ll never see you again...

Pauline would see to that. She’d be here within two minutes after I left and would chase both of them out with a shotgun if she had to. Another bonus for Pauline.

I rode the private elevator down in silence, briefly checking my messages as they came in one after the other over my phone, already clouding my head with crap I would have to deal with before the day was out.

I tucked the phone inside my jacket, walked across the lavishly furnished lobby, and waited as my car pulled up to the curb. The back door opened, and Alice gazed at me from over her horn-rimmed glasses, a scowl on her face that left unattractive lines etched on her forehead.

“We’re going to be late,” she announced as I slid into the backseat, closing the door behind me.

“Good morning to you, too, Alice,” I greeted.

“You have a meeting in ten minutes,” Alice said, ignoring the tired smile on my face. “Dennis has been planning this meeting for weeks. The least you can do is show up on time.”

; “Alice, sweetheart, I pay you to keep my life organized, not to give me advice,” I replied. “Or to chastise me. I’m pretty sure I pay other people to do that.”

Alice grunted, and I couldn’t help but smile. Ever since I had hired her as my personal assistant slash wrangler, I had definitely upped my game. I didn’t have to worry about incompetence anymore, and since Alice enjoyed pussy as much as I did, I didn’t have to deal with office drama, either. She was the perfect fit for me, and she knew it just as much as I did. Which made her one smug bitch.

“Okay, Miles,” I called out to my driver. “Get us to the office, pronto, before Alice here rips us both a new one.”

“With pleasure, sir,” Miles replied, giving me a knowing smile in the rear view mirror. “And may I say, you look exceptionally well today, Mr. Ridder.”

“I feel like crap, Miles, but thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome, sir,” he said as the car pulled into the morning traffic to head downtown. “Just doing my job.”

As you can see, investing in this would put Ridder Technology at the forefront of the game.”

I was slumped in my seat fiddling with my phone, barely listening to the pitch Dennis had lined up for me. When you’re a rich and famous entrepreneur like yours truly, people come out of the woodwork to pitch you all kinds of business ideas… the next big thing… nothing like it on the market… the greatest invention since sliced bread. At least that’s what everyone claims. Some of the ideas are truly crazy, some are not, most would lose rather than make money. I get pitched everywhere I go: at the office, at social events, on the golf course, in the men’s room at a strip club; even at the fucking Astros games standing in line to buy a freakin’ hot dog.

This pitch was no different. I just wasn’t standing at a urinal with my cock in my hand. The kid standing across the conference room looked like he had just come out of high school, nervous voice cracking, zits and all. The suit he was wearing was a size or two larger than his frame, his glasses kept slipping down his nose, and he fumbled along his presentation as if he were asking a girl out for the first time.