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The Most Eligible Bachelor Bella Winters 2022/7/22 14:15:26

It had been almost impossible to keep the opening of Ashlyn’s Flowers a secret. Hank had been responsible for that, and the man was craftier than I had expected. He had been involved in the purchase of the store in every way, making sure Polly was compensated well for it and wouldn’t need to worry about money for a very long time. Of course, the one condition as that she not mention anything about who was buying the store, or that she had sold it in the first place.

Even the team that had been sent to oversee the renovations had been handpicked by Alice herself, each promised a bonus if they could maintain the work’s secrecy. We received constant reports from them, each day bringing us one step closer to the opening. Since the investment into the store was coming from my personal pocket, it had been easy to keep our work under wraps and away from prying eyes.

I had hoped to have the place open by Christmas Eve, but that didn’t work out as planned (people took time off, vendors shut down), so New Year’s Eve was the target date to present the store to Ashlyn.

All the while, I had imagined the look on Ashlyn’s face when she would finally witness the unveiling. Just thinking about that had made me anxious, and a couple of times I had to stop myself from texting her all about my plans and spoiling the surprise. It had been hell not being able to talk to her, even worse when I had tried to contact her and she wouldn’t answer. But with every rejection came the resolve that when my project was finally done, she wouldn’t be able to ignore me anymore.

And it had worked. I had never seen her happier. She was like a child racing through a Toys R’ Us, high on the fact that every toy was theirs. She never stopped smiling, or crying for that matter, and by the time we were done and standing outside again, looking up at the new sign above the door, I felt like it was all worth the wait.

Ashlyn leaned against my arm and rested her head against my shoulder. “So, how long did you say this sabbatical was again?”

“Two weeks,” I replied, wrapping an arm around her and holding her tight.

“I’m glad this one’s longer,” she said.

“Well, no one’s trying to steal my company, and my truck didn’t break down on the interstate,” I smiled. “I actually planned this one.”

“How did you get all this done without anyone knowing?”

“Let’s just say a lot of bribery was involved, and threats, and of course I had to hold a few people’s children as hostages.”

“Sounds like something you might do.”

“Ouch,” I chuckled. “How can you still have that low of an opinion of me?”

“You have this uncanny ability of making people think the worst of you.”

“Must be the big city vibe,” I joked.

“Or the pretentiousness,” Ashlyn offered. I laughed and squeezed her closer. “The motel’s closed,” she said after a few seconds of silence.”

“I noticed. The boys tell me you were running it for a while.”

“Chuck and Martha needed a break.”

“Well, they left the place in good hands,” I said. “Are you going to open it up again so I can get a room?”

r /> Ashlyn looked up at me and smiled mischievously. “I know a great bed and breakfast a few miles away. I hear the owner’s the best.”

I laughed and kissed her. “She most certainly is.”

We were barely through the door before our lips locked and her arms wrapped around my neck, breathing me in as she kissed me. I kicked the door closed, wrapped my hands around her hips, and lifted her up easily. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I carried her into the living room to the couch, our lips never leaving each other.

We fell on top of each other. I kissed every inch of her, moving across her jaw to her neck, down to her collar, breathing her sweet scent and feeling my mind race with the excitement I was feeling for being here, with her, wrapped in her like this. I explored her body with my hands, finding my way under her sweater and up to her braless breasts, squeezing as we kissed more feverishly, hungrily.

Her fingers quickly found my belt and unbuckled me, working the button and zipper of my jeans as I pulled her sweater off. I hungrily took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking hard, nibbling as I squeezed the other. She was gasping, moaning softly, rubbing her crotch against mine as she gave up on undressing me and clenched the cushions as I sucked.

She pushed my head down, maneuvering me to where she wanted my lips to go next. I undid her jeans, pulled them off her, and wasted no time in following them up with her panties. I looked at her, took her in, tried to memorize every inch of her. She met my gaze, her eyes half shut, her breathing heavy. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I felt like an idiot for ever having left her in the first place.

“Kiss me, Chance,” she said. “Kiss me down there.”

I bent down, running my lips across the inside of her thighs, feeling the heat of her wet pussy against my face. I grabbed her by the ass, blew softly against her pussy, and suddenly buried my face in her moist folds. Her moan came as one long and loud cry of pleasure, and immediately her fingers locked onto my hair and pushed me harder against her. I let my tongue explore her, licking every inch of her pussy, burying it deep inside her before licking my way to her clit. She was writhing in my arms, her legs pressed tightly against my head, her fingers threatening to tear the hair out of my scalp.

Her orgasm came quickly, erupting like a volcano, and I sucked hard on her clit and sent her into multiple smaller ones until she begged me to stop. I stood up, quickly pulling my jeans down as she looked up at me with the most satisfied look on her face. I bent down and kissed her, and her hand quickly found my cock, her fingers wrapping around it and pumping it gently as we kissed.

She pulled me towards her, and I didn’t even have the time to brace myself before she swallowed me inside her mouth. I almost collapsed just from the feel of it, her soft lips around me, her tongue swirling around my cock as she sucked. Her hand continued to pump, and when I felt I was getting close, I pulled out, grabbed her waist, and flipped her onto her hands and knees.

She was so wet, my cock slid inside her easily, her pussy enveloping me and sucking me inside hungrily. Her muscles clenched down on me, tightening herself around me, making me groan with pleasure as I began to move. I grabbed her by the hips, her ass smacking against my abdomen as I rocked against her, filling her as deep as I could, moving faster and harder with every thrust. She looked over her shoulder at me, her eyes meeting mine, and it only turned me on more, made me ram against her with more vigor, her moans quickly becoming screams. I reached around and found her clit, and within a few seconds had her shaking with another orgasm and pushing away from me to make me stop.