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The Most Eligible Bachelor Bella Winters 2022/7/22 14:15:27

She came quickly, her body wrapped around mine, and we stood there for a few seconds as she caught her breath. She suddenly began to giggle.

“A ring and an orgasm,” she mumbled. “Must be my lucky day.”

I kissed her deeply, and she raked her nails across my chest softly, tracing a path downwards until her hand wrapped softly around my cock. She pumped it slowly, her eyes locked onto mine, a wicked grin on her face as she watched me.

“You do that so well,” I sighed.

“I can do other things, too,” she whispered against my lips.

She squeezed my cock, then slowly fell to her knees, her eyes never leaving mine, that smile on her face driving me absolutely crazy. She bit her lip, licked it, then flicked her tongue against the crown of my cock. I gasped at the touch, and that only made her smile wider.

“Someone’s excited to see me,” she said.

Ashlyn continued pumping me, driving me over the edge, then gently licked the underside of my cock from my balls to the tip, slowly. I felt the muscles in my legs shake a bit, and when she did it again, I had t

o hold onto the curtains for support. She giggled, her hand never stopping, and licked again. She was enjoying my reaction, and I silently wanted to kill her for teasing me.

A fourth lick and she had my cock in her mouth, her soft lips wrapped around my shaft as she swallowed me. I groaned I pleasure, the warmth of her mouth sending new waves of sweet delight through me. Her tongue swirled around me as she pulled me back out, then swallowed me again. I grabbed her by the hair as her head bobbed, my cock sliding easily in and out of her mouth. Her hands grabbed my ass, pulling me closer to her. She licked and sucked, and my hand tightened its grip on her hair as I felt myself come dangerously close to coming.

She must have felt it, too, because she pulled me out, grabbed my arms and pulled herself up to her feet, planting a wet and almost animalistic kiss on my lips.

“Take me, Chance,” she whispered.

I turned her around, pushing her against the ceramic wall, kissing her neck and shoulder blades while I rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks. She adjusted herself, her legs parting as she pushed back against me. She looked at me from over her shoulder, blue eyes boring into mine, begging me to fuck her right here, right now.

I didn’t hesitate. Positioning myself so we wouldn’t have to worry about slipping and falling, I pushed my cock inside her. Her moan was long and loud, her eyes closing and her head dropping. I pushed all the way inside her, her wetness making it so much easier for me, the warmth of her hugging my cock like a blanket. She squeezed down on me, coaxing me to get to it, and with both hands around her waist, I began to rock against her.

The sounds of our sex echoed against the bathroom walls. She felt so good, I didn’t want it to stop. My cock rammed inside her, moving I and out, digging deeper with every thrust until she was screaming in pleasure. I reached around her, found her clit, and began rubbing it vigorously as I fucked her. Within seconds, an orgasm hit her so hard, Ashlyn shook against me to the point where I had to hold her up to stop her from sliding to the ground. She wrapped her arms around me, gasping for breath, and smiled when I kissed her.

She pushed me away, grabbed me by the hand and led me out of from under the water and straight to her bed.

“Don’t you want to dry off first?” I asked as she turned me around and pushed me onto the bed.

“Shut up,” Ashlyn said as she climbed on top of me, straddling me and gently rubbing her pussy against my cock.

I reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them gently. She leaned down, bringing them close enough for me to suck on her nipples as she moved, rubbing against my cock ferociously. Her hands scratched at my chest, and with one swift motion, she slid me back inside her.

Ashlyn sat up, throwing her head back as began to grind, giving me a view I couldn’t resist. She looked fucking incredible, her breasts bouncing, droplets of water across her soft skin, her wet hair matted against her shoulders. She rode me like a pro, and it was all I could do to keep up.

I sat up, pulled her to me and sucked hard on her nipples. Her moans intensified between my nibbles and pinches, her hips grinding with a speed I did not think possible. She came with a shudder, pushing my face down hard against her breasts, her pussy squeezing my cock as if begging for it to come already.

And I was close enough.

I turned her around and onto her back, her legs wrapping around my waits, the heels of her feet digging into my ass and pushing me deeper inside her. “Come on, Chance,” she moaned. “Give it to me, baby. Show me how much you want it.”

I didn’t need any more coaxing. I fucked her like never before, my hips moving like a piston, her breasts bouncing with every thrust. Her moans quickly turned into screams, deafening in the otherwise quiet room.

“Come on,” she gasped. “Come on!”

And I did. I came hard. My entire body froze, my muscles flexed, and I exploded inside her with such force that it shook my core and I felt a rush of blood to my head. My mind swam for a few seconds as I collapsed on top of her, her arms wrapped around me, both of us breathing so hard it felt like we had just run a marathon.

I rolled off of her, and pulled her into my arms, her beating heart like a drum against my side. I looked at her, smiled when I saw that she had fallen asleep almost immediately, and closed my eyes.

The last thing I saw was the glimmer of the diamond ring on her finger where her hand rested on my chest.