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The Most Eligible Bachelor Bella Winters 2022/7/22 14:15:28

“No,” she gasps, grabbing my instant attention. “Don’t go, not yet.”

The plan of a nice long shower followed by an early night in bed vanishes into nothingness as I hear her words. I don’t know what this is going to mean, but it’ll have to cost her. Just because I’ve had a good time with her, doesn’t mean I can give stuff away for free. If I start doing that then I’ll end up broke. I only do this for the cash, it’s not for my own pleasure.

“What do you mean?” I ask her with my head cocked curiously. “You want me to stay?”

“I’ll pay you for your time.” She gets that much at least, I don’t like having that uncomfortable conversation. Luckily most of the business stuff is done with Emma and the agency. “I just… I don’t feel like I know enough yet. That was great, but I really need to get things right.”

“You’re an actress, right?” I fold my arms across my chest. “That’s what this is about?”

An adorable blush fills her cheeks as she fixes her eyes on the ground. She’s pretty actually, she’s got a sweet face and as I’ve just seen a really nice body. I almost want to reach out and hold her, but I can’t because this isn’t a date or anything. This is a standard escorting transaction.

“Yes, I’m an actress and I’m in a movie. A good movie, one that I really need to do well in if I ever want to go far.” She brings her fingers up to her plump red, passion bruised lips and she touches them gently. “They keep telling me that I have no passion or chemistry.”

“What? You were incredible then!” I blurt out before catching myself. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, it made me sound as if I really like her. “I mean, maybe it isn’t you. What’s the other guy like? The one you have to act with?” She screws up her nose, unimpressed. “See? It’s him!”

“He does suck, I will admit that, but I’m supposed to be able to pretend that he doesn’t. That’s a whole thing with acting, isn’t it? I can do everything else, it’s just that.” She offers me a one shouldered shrug. “That’s why my friend, Carly, wanted me to hire you. To learn, I suppose.”

I can’t help being touched by her words, she really does seem to need my help. Much as I don’t usually like to extend my time with any clients, especially without telling Emma, I nod and agree to it. She doesn’t look dangerous, I don’t think I have anything to worry about. I can do this.

“I suppose I should, really awkwardly, find out your name then if we’re going to do this?”

“Oh right, of course.” She nods and giggles, a musical sound. “It’s Avril.”

“Avril, and I’m Owen.” I never usually give away my real name, but with Avril there’s something inside of me telling me that I can. “So, what do you need, Avril?”

“Erm, well there’s this one scene, it’s the one I’ve been trying to get done today. Buzz’s character, Ash, has just told me that he loves me and I need to be overcome with passion before I kiss him. Only… no matter what I do I cannot seem to get it right.”

I don’t know what to say to that, the way she kissed me was absolutely filled with desire, but I suppose that’s a different situation. “Why don’t you show me?”

“Urgh, do I have to?” She rolls her eyes dramatically. “I feel really awkward.”

“I have to see it somehow.” I know I can’t ply her with booze to get her to loosen up because she can’t be drunk on set, but I need to do something. “I know.” I grab my cell phone out my pocket and flick on some music. “Dance, have some fun, get loose first.” She looks at me like I’m insane. “Come on, trust me, it’ll work. You just need to loosen up your hips as a start.”

She doesn’t. Avril folds her arms across her chest and she stares at me stubbornly, so I do the only thing I can. I dance. I’ve had to for some jobs anyway so I don’t mind and I hope that encourages her to do the same. I throw my hands above my head and shake my hips without a care in the world.

“You’re mad,” Avril laughs. “You don’t know what the hell you look like.”

“I don’t care,” I assure her. “It doesn’t matter, it isn’t about looking good.”

Avril watches me for a while, slowly starting to move herself as she does. Her gestures are wooden and uncomfortable at first, it’s obvious that she’s shy being herself. I’d love to see her being more confident. It takes her a while, but soon she actually starts to enjoy herself.

That’s the moment that I take a step closer and I make her hips sway in a much sexier manner. Without even talking about it, I get her to dance in a way that shows off her curves perfectly. I don’t know if she gets it at first, but soon she seems to understand that this is what she needs. If she feels sexy in herself then she’ll find it easier to convey passion. I might not know how to act, but I do kno

w how to look like I’m having the time of my life when I’m not.

“That’s it,” I whisper to her. “Now say your line. It doesn’t matter what one. Any will do.”

“Oh, my goodness,” she says cautiously. “I don’t know what to say to you. I never thought you would be here in front of me telling me that you love me. It’s all too much. I’m overwhelmed.”

“Say it more like you’re out of breath. Like you’ve just had mind blowing sex.”

“I have, so that shouldn’t be hard.” She says this almost like a snap comment before realizing what she’s done. “I mean… okay, let me try again.”

We work on her words for a while, before moving on to the way she carries herself. I get her to hold her head higher, to roll her shoulders back, to push her boobs out, I get her to walk with her hips swaying, to flick her hair as she flirts… I turn her into the version of herself that she wants to be.

The funny thing is in that moment I find myself liking her more and more. Even when I’m out on dates with clients I don’t ever feel like I know them. They might tell me things about themselves but I don’t really take any of it in, I simply answer in the way that I’m supposed to. But with Avril, I like her sweet, funny nature. I enjoy bantering with her. She’s nice. If I met her in any other way I would probably actually want to take her out on a date. A real one.

“I think you’re doing much better,” I tell Avril as a wave of sleepiness overcomes me. “I think now you’re actually acting like someone whose life is filled with passion.”