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The Most Eligible Bachelor Bella Winters 2022/7/22 14:15:30

Clothes fly off our bodies in an instant, it’s like a blur I can barely keep up. One moment I’m touching the buttery soft material of his tee shirt and the next his rock-hard muscles. My pulse quickens, the need in my underwear intensifies, the butterflies become giant eagles, flapping wildly in my belly.

“Oh, Avril,” Owen groans as my eager hand wraps around his thick cock. “You have no idea how good that feels.” I move, slowly at first, but gain speed as his moans intensify. “Oh, my God.”

My own breaths fall raggedly out of my mouth as I become desperate for his body. Owen responds by slipping two fingers inside of me and driving me absolutely wild. His skin is smooth, his touch is expert, it’s almost like he knows my body better than I do myself.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he murmurs into my ear, seemingly needing reassurance now that he’s not working with me. It’s nice to have him be vulnerable with me. “Do you like that?”

“Oh fuck, so much,” I gasp right back at him. “It feels fucking incredible. Don’t stop.”

But he doesn’t listen, he instantly removes his fingers, but before I can complain, he’s inside me, thrusting hard and fast, sending me to Heaven. I can feel him everywhere, he’s filling me up, hitting all the right spots, yet I still want more. I need to feel him differently.

“Stop,” I gasp while pushing him off of me. “Not like this.”

Instantly he panics, his entire expression changes to one of sheer horror. “Am I hurting you?” I want to hug him for his concern, it’s so lovely of him to care so much. “Does it not feel good?”

I don’t give him an answer with words, instead I show him what I want by turning onto my front and propping myself up onto my hands and knees so I’m on all fours. Then I peek behind me and I give him a wink, indicating that I want him to take me that way. It’ll be new for us, something we haven’t yet experienced together and I cannot think of a better way for us to celebrate us.

He smiles at me as if I’m the best thing to ever happen to him and he grabs out a condom. It’s pretty unbelievable that not so long ago I hadn’t had any real passion in my life, and now it seems to utterly consume it. My whole existence is all about pleasure and desire, and I freaking love it.

Owen grabs onto my hips and he angles himself inside of me. He eases himself into me, slowly at first as if he fears he might hurt me, so I roll my hips back, pushing myself into him, forcing him to take me harder and faster. The way he’s screwing me now feels good, it’s wild and filled with passion, but because it’s Owen there’s a deeper feeling too, a romance that I think will be there no matter what.

Eventually my head spins and I have to grip tightly onto the bed sheets just to stop myself from crumbling. As the pressure of pleasure builds through my body, I have to really focus to keep myself upright, but it isn’t enough. My arms give way, my face falls into the pillow, but my butt stays up in the air, held there by Owen’s strong hands as he hits the right spot over and over again.

“Oh fuck, Owen,” I scream into the pillows as it all becomes too much.

The way he makes me feel is off the scale, I don’t think I’d find it again if I spent my whole life searching. It isn’t just horny and excitable, it’s safe and cared for too. As the orgasm crashes over me like the waves of a tsunami, I hope desperately that Owen is right and that we can make this work. I don’t know how Ill feel forever, but as mental as it is, after only three days, I think he’s the one for me. If destiny is really a thing, then I think he’s mine. Maybe we were supposed to meet somehow.

I crash onto my back panting breathlessly once we’re both finished and I cling tight

ly onto his hand. A giant smile spreads across my mouth as I’m absolutely flooded by happiness.

“Are you staying tonight?” I ask while turning onto my side. “No more running away?”

He leans over and kisses me lightly on the lips. It’s only a small, chaste brush of the lips but it feels amazing. Everything he does feels phenomenal to me, especially when the next words come out of his mouth: “Avril, I won’t ever run away from you again.”

This is it, it seems like we’re in it for the long haul!

Pride fills my chest up completely as I see the credits roll, and the love of my life is the second name to pop up on the screen. This particular movie is of course very special to us since it led to us meeting, without us it might’ve taken a whole lot longer… or maybe it wouldn’t have happened at all.

“Oh, my goodness, babe.” I squeeze her hand gently. “You were incredible in that.”

“I found the sex scenes a bit awkward,” she admits quietly to me. “But the rest was okay.”

“They were filmed over a year ago now, there’s no need to be embarrassed. And you were excellent anyway so I really wouldn’t worry. I’m sure everyone thinks so. You better get used to it anyway because you’ve got two more movies coming out later on in the year.”

“Oh look, there’s your name,” she gushes, avoiding my compliments as always. Even after all this time together she still finds it hard to accept it when I say something nice to her. “Extra thirty six.”

“My proudest moment.” I puff out my chest in a joking manner. “Well, aside from getting good grades in college and landing a job in a top advertising agency, of course.”

Money is no longer an issue, for me or my family. Surprisingly I’ve landed on my feet and now I can help out everyone. I’ve learned my lessons, I watched my father make his mistakes and I saw where it led. That won’t ever be me, I know what I’m doing. I’ll do the same, but smarter. Now that I have my lovely town house, which I share with my wonderful girlfriend, it’s hard to recall a time where I lived in a grotty dorm room, escorting just to survive. I suppose I’m glad I went through all of that because it’s made me who I am today, but I would never ever go back there. Being older and having it all together suits me so much more. Now I’m actually geuninly happy.

“Oh God, Buzz is coming over.” Avril grabs tightly onto my hand. “Stay with me.”

For a while, everyone was obsessed with her and Buzz, wishing they would be a couple. The public would much prefer and up and coming actress to be with another famous person rather than a nobody like me, but I don’t care. It’ll undoutably spark up again now once people see their chemistry on screen, but still that doesn’t matter. I’m secure in what I have, I know it’s real.

“Hi, Buzz,” Avril says through gritted teeth. “How’s it going?”