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The Most Eligible Bachelor Bella Winters 2022/7/22 14:15:33

So, what do you think, boss?” Hank, the site foreman says to me in a gruff, firm tone of voice “Everything look as you want it to be? Plans all good? Any comments you have?”

“Hmm, what?” I hate to admit it but my mind is elsewhere. I want to concentrate on this job because much as I didn’t like to be the one to take it on, I need to do a good job. If I’m going to work I need to forget Lola and her soft kisses, her lovely skin, the feel of her body underneath me… it’s challenging to think of anything but her. “Sorry, yes. The plan, looks great. Thank you for getting them all together for me, I really appreciate it.”

I glance down at the paper and try to visualize the drawing coming to life in front of me. It looks great but now I can see it through very different eyes. Now that I’ve seen more of the town I can see how it won’t fit in and how it might ruin the quaint experience people get in this town. But then again I’m not powerful enough to start putting my emotions before my business. My dad just won’t hear of it. All I can hope is that I can do a good job.

“Okay great, well I’ll get my men on it now. I think Archie might have a break down of the predicted costs if that’s something that you want to look at as well.”

“Yep, sounds great. Let’s do this.”

As we walk to where Archie has his desk set up I fire off a text to my dad. I don’t know how much detail he wants to know about all of this, but I want to keep him up to date anyway. Just in case. I hold my cell phone out for a moment, just waiting for a reply, but I get nothing.

“So how you enjoying the small town life?” Hank asks as we walk. “I bet it’s a bit different from the big ol’ city isn’t it?” He says this as a joke, as if the city is worse, and I actually think he might believe it. “Bet you can hardly sleep in the quiet.”

“The city isn’t that far away,” I tell him with a smirk. “What is it, like an hour or two in the car? And to be fair I’ve only been here a short while so it’s fine.”

“I bet your problem is the lack of girls. A guy like you, must have them all over you.”

I can’t even begin to consider the irony of this remark. Since being here I’ve met the only girl to not bore me as soon as we’ve slept together. Hours have passed and still all I can think about is her. Instead of getting into this with a man I don’t know and I have to work with for the next few months, I don’t say anything. That’s something I’ve found in business, sometimes saying nothing is much better than doing anything.

“Right, Archie.” I take my seat next to him, trying my hardest to just get my damn head in the game already. “Let’s get these numbers crunched, shall we? Work out where we’re headed with this one?”

As he starts to talk me through the financial side of things, I discretely check the screen of my cell phone but I still have nothing from my father. It makes me feel a bit insignificant that he can’t even be bothered to reply to me, not even a yes. He’s

always on his phone, sending texts, firing off emails, searching, connecting… I know he’s seen my message, he just doesn’t care enough to reply. Again I’m filled with the sense that I’m a disappointment. That always comes from Dad. I don’t even know if he means to do it or if it’s just his way, but it really does irritate me whatever the case. The rest of the world sees my worth, it’s only him.

I wish I had thought to get Lola’s number, then I could send her a cheeky text to get me through the day. She too, I know is going to be super busy on the farm all day long. I wish I could talk her through it.

Still, maybe there is something I can do. I know we don’t have any plans for tonight but that doesn’t mean I can’t see her again. Maybe I can even do something nice for her as well. I can head to the grocery store and get some food, cook her a meal. Maybe I don’t know too much about her yet, but she seems like the sort of person who gives and gives without expecting anything back. Maybe it’s time for someone to make her feel special.

That someone can be me!

“Hey there,” a brassy haired blonde with bright red lips says as she leans in towards me. “You must be new here, right?”

She’s older than me, but that’s hardly surprising. I often attract a bit of a cougar. I’m not quite sure what it is they find so attractive about me, but they do. I usually don’t mind an older woman, I think they expect much less from me. They know what ‘just sex’ is, and they’re happy for that. I’m not interested today though, I only have one thing in mind.

“Yeah I am new. I’ve just come to pick up some groceries.” Maybe my tone is a little colder than I’d like it to be, I just don’t want there to be any misconception here. Sometimes I’ve been known to accidently flirt. “Is this all you have here?”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Sure is.” She pops her gum loudly. “We just get what we get and have to make do. What is it you’re after?”

I sigh loudly. I’m not much of a big chef, but I do know how to make a good Coronation Chicken but I don’t think I’ll be able to get everything I need here. It might have to be a pasta bake and cheap wine night. Not the way I’d like to treat a lady I actually have interest in, but what else can I do?

“Erm no, I think I got it,” I huff out. “Thanks though.”

“I take it you’re a part of that big new development thing?” she continues, not taking the hint that I’m not interested. She leans over the counter while pushing her cleavage together. This gives me a better view of her name badge which reads Erica. “Are you the one in charge?”

“I am.” I brace myself as I run my eyes over the shelves. I wait for the onslaught, similar to what I go from Lola, but somehow it doesn’t come.

“Cool,” she says simply instead.

As I glance at her out the corner of my eyes I realize why. She’s one of those people who doesn’t care enough about anything to have an opinion. She’s more than happy to just let things happen around her. That makes her life content, but without any fire. Lola is nothing like that. I think that’s what attracts me to her, she stands out in so many ways.

Despite the fact that I know I might be treading on thin ice, I decide to delve in and do a bit of digging. From what I’ve learned in life you can tell a lot about a person from what others have to say about them… even if it isn’t all true.