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The Most Eligible Bachelor Bella Winters 2022/7/22 14:15:33

Did you want to take a walk?” Lola asks me sweetly once the conversation is over. “Take a look around the farm? I know it isn’t much, it certainly isn’t what it used to be when I was younger, but it’s still ours. It’s pretty cool. Or I think it is.”

“Sure, that sounds great.” Actually, I think I’d like to see more of her life. Even if this is only a short term thing. Plus, she looks cool in her denim skirt and her vest top. I’m sure if we go outside she’ll put those sexy as hell cowboy boots on as well. My heart rate instantly kicks up a notch as I think about her in that way again. “I think if you’re going to tell me more about your farm, you’ll have to wear a cowgirl hat though. Do you have one?”

She leans behind one of her chairs and she pulls one out, which causes fireworks to explode in my chest. She

’s just so damn hot. How did I get so lucky? My luck only intensifies as she slides her gorgeous feet into those cowboy boots.

As we walk through the door and out into the farm, a chill runs up and down my spine, but I don’t think it’s from the cold at all. I think it’s all to do with this gorgeous red head next to me. She points things out to me, showing me the animals and telling me all about how it used to be, back in the day, which gives me an insight into her childhood as well. I can see that when her parents were fine she had a happy time here, and I think she wants to cling onto that a lot… even if it’s never coming back.

It’s sweet, she’s lovely. I think I might secretly like her a little bit more than I should.

“And what’s this bad boy?” I ask as I pat my hand against some rusty metal that’s in the shed. “This looks like an interesting contraption.”

“You are joking, right?” She giggles disbelievingly at me. “That’s a tractor. There’s no way in hell that you’ve never seen a tractor before.”

I ignore her dig and continue talking. “Do you ride around the farm on this? I imagine that’s a sexy sight.”

“What me on this old thing?” She gives me a curious look. “Are you sure? I’m on it all the time and I will be until we finally can afford to hire some farm hands.”

“Wow.” I slide my eyes closed. “Yeah I can see it now. It’s incredible.”

As I head some clunking I snap my eyes back open to see Lola lifting herself up into the tractor. As she pulls herself upwards I get a glimpse of her red spotted cotton panties. Instantly I’m hard. This girl is like no one I’ve ever spent time with before. Usually the women I hang out with are prissy, only wanting to do things where others can see them to prove that they’re doing something exciting. If I was hanging out with a girl from the city, probably a hundred pictures would have made their way onto social media already. Their clothes would be perfect and no hair out of place. Perfect make up. Any pantie viewing would be completely on purpose… but Lola isn’t that way. She’s so carefree and sweet.

Damn, she’s getting right into my head and driving me wild.

“Like this?” She smirks at me while grabbing onto a steering wheel type device. Her hip pops out and she looks amazing. “Is this how you imagine it?”

“Mmm, yeah that looks good. Just like a fantasy girl.”

When Lola laughs at me, she flings her head back and lets the sound run free. “I don’t think I’ve ever been described as that before.”

What the hell is wrong with all the guys around here? There must be men, there must be some red blooded guys that fancy girls. There must be someone who would be attracted to Lola. Maybe she just doesn’t like them in the same way. Maybe that’s the problem.

“Hey, do you want to come up here with me? There are two seats.” She shifts across and pats the chair next to her. “See what it’s like up here in a tractor.”

“Hmmm, yeah it’s pretty cool up here.” I nod and agree with her. “I see why you like it.”

I turn my head to look at Lola and almost instantly desire jolts through me. I can see a deep lust dancing behind Lola’s gaze and it makes me wonder what the hell is going to happen here. Is she really thinking about that, here? I mean I’m definitely down for that, I’m always up for new experiences, especially with a girl so beautiful.

Fuck it, I can’t wait any longer. I cup my hand around her cheek and I pull her to me for a kiss. As her lips move against mine, the stirring in my underwear intensifies and drives me absolutely insane. I cross my left leg over my right and I slide my body closer to hers.

Eventually, I slide my hands up into her hair and I deepen the kiss. Then I move my mouth away from hers and I start to kiss her neck. Already she’s slick with sweat which I lick off with my tongue. I can feel her heart hammering against her rig cage which suggests she’s just as damn turned on as me.

“Oh, Lola,” I moan, letting my breath tickle across her skin. “Oh God.”

She seems to sense that I’m so full of lust that I’m willing to let her take control of the situation and she takes advantage of that. She pushes me back until I’m flat against the cold metal seat and she drops to her knees on the floor between my legs.

“What are you…?” I start to ask, but as she runs her tongue tantalizingly across her wet, plump lips. “Oh, fucking hell, Lola, you are killing me.”

Her fingers fiddle with the zipper on my trousers, brushing past my cock as she does, which stiffens my cock rock hard. I almost wonder if she knows what she’s doing and she’s driving me wild on purpose. My head falls back, my eyes slide closed, ragged intense breaths fall out of my mouth. I’m on fire, every single scrap of my body is hypersensitive and crazy. I almost don’t know what’s going on here.

Finally, she pulls me free and she grips onto my shaft tightly. I prize my eyes apart to glance down at her and the sight I can see is the sexiest fucking thing in my whole damn life. She’s looking up at me as she runs her hand all over me, and her wide eyes filled with sexual lust is wonderful. The fact that we’re on a fucking tractor in the middle of a shed in the middle of nowhere… well that just makes it even more insane. This gives it the thrill of us getting caught, with only a minute possibility of that actually happening.