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Sins of the Father (Ravens Ruin MC 1) Marie James 2022/7/22 14:19:30

“Please don’t leave tomorrow,” I whisper in his ear, loving the way his newly grown beard feels on my soft cheek.

“Baby,” he pants, hands gripping my thighs and dictating the small rotation of my hips. “I have to go.”

“Everything we do is dangerous,” he says.

Nuzzling into his neck, I see Molly heading to the hallway. Briar, looking lost and a little agitated, peers back in our direction. His eyes widen, finding me looking at him, but that doesn’t stop him from following her.

I nip Lynch’s ear, loving the grumble in his throat as he thickens under me.

The skirt I wore tonight serves its purpose. I normally stick to yoga pants and a t-shirt, but things felt different tonight, like I needed to put forth a little more effort. The sinking feeling in my gut has only grown exponentially since I found out they were heading out of state, each of them with one-way tickets because they don’t know how long they will be in Florida.

“Are we really going to do this here?” Lynch’s fingers find my bare core, and he doesn’t waste a second slipping two of his digits inside of me.

Personally, I love it when people watch us. I feel like a goddess pleasing my man in front of others who will never have a chance with him unless I allow it. Lynch still allows it every once in a while, but we haven’t crossed that line to include anyone else in our bed.

It doesn’t mean we won’t ever dabble in ménage again. Just last week he had Ronan and Xena hold my legs open while he licked me, then fucked me just like I’d fantasized about. Apparently, I also talk in my sleep when I’ve been drinking.

“Zoe,” Lynch prompts. “Here?”

Just as I reach for the zipper on his jeans, I notice Chains across the room with his hand already gripping his erection over his jeans. He winks at me, waving his hand out in front of him as if he’s telling me to keep going.

Here’s the thing. I like fucking, and on occasion, I like doing it with an audience, but each time I do it, it’s for me, not for them. Chains, as always is making things weird.

“Baby? You need to decide, or I’m going to decide for you.”

I’m honestly torn. There are amazing things going on around us. TJ is sitting on the couch with some girl managing to straddle his face without falling off of the sofa. The Professor is grunting as Kai rides his cock. A girl is kneeling in front of them sucking Kai off. I’d love to be right in the middle of it, checking more kinky things off of my list, but tonight seems too important. I feel as if I’ll regret not spending time alone with Lynch.

“Let’s take it to the house,” I urge, leaning back slightly so he can pull his fingers from my soaked center.

“House?” He frowns. “We have a room here. The house is so far away.”

I blink at him, fluttering my eyelashes playfully.

Without another word he lifts me, slinging me over his shoulder. I know from the cool air meeting my ass that everyone who looks over can see my slit. Lynch’s hand comes down hard on my ass when I try to cover myself. It’s barbaric, a way to draw even more attention to us. It’s his way of reclaiming me in front of everyone in the clubhouse.

“Don’t fuck my shit up,” he demands addressing the partiers. “Or I’ll hang you from the tree in the front yard.”

A cacophony of agreements follows us out of the room.

“They’re terrified of you,” I whisper as he carries me toward the hallway.

“As they should be,” he agrees.

“There isn’t a tree in the front yard.” I laugh at the ridiculousness of his words.

He slaps my ass again. “They’re too drunk and high to know th—”

He stiffens, sentence going unspoken, and his grip on my thigh becomes so tight it’s punishing.

I circle my head so I can see between his arm and the side of his body. I may be upside down, but there’s no mistaking Molly in Briar’s arms and their lips locked together.

“Oh shit,” I hiss and try to wiggle out of Lynch’s arms.

I don’t have to try very hard because Lynch is hell-bent on putting me down so he can get to his friend.

“I’m going to fucking kill you.”

The threat is similar to what he just said in the living room, but this time I believe him.