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Mountain Darkness (Wild Mountain Men 1) Vanessa Vale 2022/7/22 14:36:50

“You invited me for chili!” she all but shouted at Nix, pushing off my lap.

up, let her pace. She was realizing the mistake had cost us all. I felt her frustration since it matched my own.

“Then there were candles! With Donovan in a towel and with a raging hard on, I thought you were into each other.”

I could see where she could have jumped to the conclusion.

“I figured you were going to tell me your secret, that you were… together. In a way, I was happy for you, that you found each other, that you were together, but sad because I’d misunderstood. I left because I felt like a fool, but also to give you space to do your thing.”

I glared at Nix. “I told you, fucker. Chili isn’t what you serve the woman you want to claim.”

Nix ground his teeth together. Took a moment before he spoke. “Donovan told me off about the stupid chili earlier in the day, that it wasn’t good enough for our first pseudo-date with you. He made me pull out the candles my mother insisted I have in the house. Donovan brought carry-out out from that Italian place you like.”

She looked between us. “Then you’re not… you don’t… you’re not gay.”

I grinned, pleased to see how relieved she was at the idea, that we knew now—from her very lips—that she was into both of us. Still.

“The only time I’m getting buck naked with Nix is if you’re between us.”

Her mouth fell open and she looked down at the two of us. Stunned. Happy. Something.

“Weren’t those kisses earlier enough proof?” I asked. We’d talked. We’d clarified. It was time to move on to more pleasurable things. My dick had been blue since the night she mentioned over a year ago. I’d wanted her then. I wanted her now.

She grinned then. So fucking beautiful. She shook her head. “No. I think I need more.”

Reaching out, I grabbed her hand, tugged her into my lap again, one of her knees settling on either side of my hips so she straddled me. “That can be arranged. Right, Nix?”

It was my turn to pick her up and carry her. This time to Nix’s room. To his bed. Nothing was going to keep us from making her ours now.

I hooked my legs around Donovan’s waist, crossing my ankles.

God, they weren’t in love with each other. They weren’t a couple. I’d been mistaken. So very wrong that winter night. But what I’d seen… it looked like they were a couple. But perhaps it was my insecurities about myself that had had me fleeing. I could have knocked, asked. I could have congratulated them on their relationship. Anything that would have given them a moment to clear things up.

But no. That hadn’t happened. We’d lost a year. God, I’d moved away!

I couldn’t think about that now. We were together now. Here. That was what I could focus on, and it was easy to do so when I was in Donovan’s arms. God, he felt good. So strong, so manly in comparison to me. He was hard muscled where I was soft.

He stopped in front of Nix’s bed. Nix followed behind us, flipped on the light switch. The lamp beside the bed came on, set the room with a soft glow.

“We want you, Kitty Kat.”

His hands were under my ass, holding me up. My ankles barely crossed behind his back he was so broad. I had to tip my head back to look up at him, to see the heat in his eyes. The need. The want.

“I understand,” I whispered, glancing at Nix over his shoulder. Both of them were here with me. It was a dream come true. Definitely every one of my fantasies.

I nodded, although perhaps not the depth of it. I’d been with Lucas Mills and one other guy back in college, but that had been it. I wasn’t wildly experienced and certainly never been with two guys at the same time before. While this was what I wanted, I was definitely jumping into new territory when it came to sex.

He lowered his head, kissed me. God, the kiss earlier had been fierce. Consuming. This was gentle, almost a brushing of his lips over mine. But I felt the heat of him, the hard press of his dick against my pussy, his hands spanning my bottom, gripping hard. He held me as if I weighed nothing, kissed me as if I gave him life.