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Mountain Darkness (Wild Mountain Men 1) Vanessa Vale 2022/7/22 14:36:51

I nodded, licked my lips.

“Fuck, Kitty Kat. You can suck me off another time. I tasted that gorgeous pussy. It’s time to fuck it.”

He stalked around the bed and I turned my head to watch him as he moved. Kneeling on the bed behind me, his hand slid down the length of my back.

“Yes,” I whispered, as he slid a finger through my folds.

“Ready for more dick?”

I wiggled my hips. “Please, Donovan.”

Gripping the base, he slid the head over me. “Please, what?”

“Please give me more dick. Ahhhh!”

He didn’t wait, slid into me in one slow push. Where Nix had been big, Donovan was thicker, stretching me so much. Where Nix had been a touch wild, Donovan was controlled. Completely opposite of their personalities.

A big hand settled on my shoulder as he began to take me, keeping me from moving across the bed. His other hand cupped my breast, played with the nipple.

That was how Nix saw me when he came out of his bathroom. Being fucked from behind and taken hard.

“Shit, I’m hard again,” he swore.

He was. His dick was growing as I watched. My fingers clenched the blanket as Donovan wrung the pleasure from me, slow enough to be almost torture. Perhaps he was moving carefully because of his size, but it was so good. I pushed back as he thrust to get as much of him as I could. I’d never come three times before, but I was ready to do so again. I’d never been so eager. So… hot for it.

“Nix, come here,” I said, my voice sounding so unlike my own, all sultry and breathy.

He stepped close and I reached out, gripped his cock and pulled him closer. He didn’t resist, not one bit. I was in just the right position to lick him, then take him into my mouth. He was clean tasting and smooth against my tongue. Yet hard and big enough to doubt I’d be able to take all of him.

I was being bold. I’d never been like this before. Wild. Passionate to have one man fuck me while I sucked another one off. These two pulled it out of me, brought out a side I’d never known. They weren’t complaining. In fact, they liked it. Liked me this way and that made me even hotter.

I sucked Nix as best I could as Donovan fucked me. All three of us together, giving each other pleasure. None of us lasted long, for it was just too good. Nix, who’d come just a short time ago, came first, his salty essence coating my tongue. He pulled out and I came, the pleasure like a rolling wave, taking me under. That finished Donovan off and he pulled me up and back so I was pressed against him, straddling his thighs. “Kitty Kat,” he breathed into my ear as I felt him pulse and fill the condom.

I must have passed out in his arms because I vaguely remembered a washcloth between my thighs, a blanket being pulled over me. A hard body to nestle against. I just knew I was content. Sated.

I lay awake thinking about the case. Kit was tucked into my side, her arm over my belly, one leg tucked over mine. I was hard, again, but I ignored it as best I could. I’d come twice and while my balls should have been empty, I wanted her again. I didn’t think it would ever stop, this need.

But now she was in my arms. Her scent filled the air, along with the tang of sex. And that made me even harder. She’d been wild. Passionate. Naughty. Just as I’d expected. She was so reserved, kept her emotions on lockdown all the time. I didn’t blame her, not with her mom the way she was. The woman could be set off by anything. News. The weather. Hell, even the mailman knocking on the door. Kit had learned to hide any kind of intense emotions. Too much excitement or too much worry could destroy Mrs. Lancaster’s perfectly balanced life. That was how Kit had worded it, and it made sense.

/> But it made it hard on Kit. No kid should have to mother a parent. No high schooler should have to work full time to make ends meet. She shouldn’t be a mom to her own mom. But she was.

She’d gone it alone for so long. But now she had us. Donovan and I were in this with her. When we’d said there was no going back, we’d meant it. We would, though, need a bigger fucking bed.

While mine was king-sized, Donovan was too fucking big for the three of us to fit comfortably. Kit was practically draped over me, but we needed space. But that was an easy fix. We’d just move somewhere that fit all of us.

What wasn’t so easy was the fucking murder of Erin Mills. How was I going to handle an investigation and a relationship with one of the suspects? It would have to be a secret, of course. It wouldn’t matter once Kit was cleared, but until then… we had to be careful.