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Mountain Darkness (Wild Mountain Men 1) Vanessa Vale 2022/7/22 14:36:54

“I need a shower,” she replied.

He stepped back, but kept her hand and led her toward his bathroom. “That can be arranged.”

I followed. If she was going to be naked, wet and have soap bubbles all over her, I wasn’t going to miss out.

There was no seductive strip tease, just Donovan helping her out of the diner T-shirt and her jeans. Still, I was instantly hard.

Shyly, Kit turned to me. “Out of all the underwear in my drawer, you picked out this.” She didn’t sound too thrilled with the scraps of black lace and silk I’d selected when I packed her a bag the day before, but the way her nipples were hard beneath the flimsy fabric, I knew she wasn’t really upset. I’d been right, she looked hot as shit in sexy lingerie.

Donovan grinned. “Nix is in charge of your bras and panties from now on.”

Fuck, yes. I was all in when it came to finding sexy things for our girl to wear. Just for us.

I couldn’t help but stroke a finger over the upper swell of her breast. The bra didn’t cover much and my dick liked that just fine. And lower, those panties… just a triangle with little strings covered that sweet pussy.

“You look hot as shit in that. Now take it off,” I said, pulling my service revolver from my holster and sitting it on the vanity. Donovan’s apartment was in a new building downtown, modern and spacious. The bathroom, thank fuck, had a steam shower that easily fit three. No way could we fit together in my bathroom, let alone the clawfoot tub.

She must have caught on to the way we were watching her hands undo the front clasp of her bra, because she slowed down. A turtle could undo the clasp faster. And the impish little twist of her lips…

“You’re getting spanked, Kitty Kat, for teasing your men,” he growled. “I’ve spent all day with a semi. It’s hard to get shit done… hell, it’s hard to walk.” As he spoke, he opened his pants, pushed them and his boxers down enough to grab his dick, pull it out and stroke it. It wasn’t a semi at all, but ready to fuck. “I can still taste you and I want more.”

“Oh,” she whispered, finally letting the bra slide off her shoulders and to the tiled floor.

We stared at her perfect breasts. A handful and heavy, they were teardrop shaped with upturned plump nipples. Pretty pink nipples that were hardening as we watched.

“Fuck,” I breathed. My mouth watered to get my lips on them.

Donovan made a grunting sound and stalked to the shower, fiddled with the various knobs and got the water going. Before either of us could get our clothes off, steam billowed out the open door.

It was her turn to stare. Clearly, she wasn’t used to watching two men strip.

Donovan tugged Kit into the shower with him and grabbed the soap. I followed, then sank onto the bench seat. He handed me the bar before his lathered hands ran over her shoulders, down her arms and then to her breasts. He was taking high, so I’d take low. With her pussy right at eye level, I was content with the arrangement.

She had four hands on her, running over every inch of her, getting her nice and clean. I did her legs, then carefully washed her pussy, ensuring no soap remained on that delicate flesh before I began to play. She was wet, and not from the shower, my fingers sliding into her easily.

She went up on her tiptoes as I fucked her gently, my palm rubbing against her clit as I did so. Her head was angled back and Donovan was kissing her as he played with her nipples. Gorgeous.

She broke the kiss when she came, her breathy cries of pleasure echoing off the tile. Her inner walls clenched and milked my fingers as her body went soft and pliant. “Hold her up for me,” I said to Donovan.

He was able to use her sated state to lift her up, his hands hooked behind each knee as she was pressed into him. She was wide open for me, her pussy lips parted and I could see every inch of her. Swollen, coated in her sweet arousal and ready for another orgasm. I could even see the hole continuing to clench from the remaining pleasure.

I leaned forward and put my mouth on her. Donovan had eaten her out the night before and I hadn’t gotten the chance. Now I had her sweet flavor on my tongue. Her hips bucked but Donovan’s hold kept her right where I wanted her. I flicked her clit, circled it, then took one lip into my mouth, then the other. I hardened my tongue and fucked her with it, then moved lower still, rimming the tight rosette of her ass.

“Nix!” she cried, her hand going to my hair. She tugged and I looked up at her. “Oh god, what are you two doing?” This was probably the most erotic thing she’d ever done. If we wiped out every thought about any guy before us, then good.

We weren’t vanilla. We could be, like the night before, where we were tame and gentle, but we liked things a little wild. Bold. We weren’t going to curb our sexual appetites just because the things we liked to do were illegal in a few states. Hell, sharing her was pretty damned wild.

Unless she absolutely hated something, screamed some kind of safe word like “pineapple,” we would push her, to get her off in ways she never imagined.

I grinned. She was spread wide, water beaded and rolled down her creamy skin. Her tits were upturned and ripe.