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Mountain Darkness (Wild Mountain Men 1) Vanessa Vale 2022/7/22 14:36:54

“Kitty Kat.” That was all Donovan said, as if it had been obvious. For everyone but me, it seemed.

“Wow. Okay, well.” I was flustered. The guys had stopped by the diner because they’d liked me. And I rem

ember serving them, a lot. “Anyway, she knows we’re together. She could tell by just looking at me.”

Nix ran a finger down the side of my neck, then winked. “We didn’t leave any hickeys.”

I nibbled on my piece as I raised a hand to my neck. “Thanks for that, but I think she’s been expecting it. Waiting.”

“She’s glad we finally got together.” They looked a little unsettled. “Why? I thought… I’m naked in bed with you. This isn’t together?”

I freaked a little and the pizza in my mouth tasted like sawdust all of a sudden. I’d said the wrong thing. Assumed too much. I dropped what was left of the slice back into the box and moved to get up. God, I’d been so silly!

Donovan gave my ass a swat and I spun about on my knees. “Kitty Kat, we’re together. After what we just did, you question it?”

“I always question it.”

He frowned. “Why? Haven’t we made ourselves clear on where we stand?”

I gave a little shrug. “You just look a little uncomfortable or something.”

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“We’re not ready to share you yet, that’s all,” Donovan said.

I believed that, but there was so much more baggage to the three of us than just us being together. There was the murder, which I wasn’t even going to bring up now. Then the same other stuff I’d been dwelling on. I thought I had my shit together, but definitely not. As for them?

“Yes, but… look at you two. Big, mountain men. And then there’s me.”

Donovan grabbed my wrist and tugged me over his lap as Nix pulled the pizza box out of the way.

“What are you doing?” I asked, pressed into his sturdy thighs, looking over my shoulder at him.

“Spanking you. Like I’ve been saying.”

His hand landed on my upturned ass, not too hard, but enough to have me squeak and my butt to sting. “Donovan!”

He did it again, then a third time. “Do you need more to know we’re in this with you?”

I shook my head, my butt stinging. “No. No more spanking.”

His hand nudged my thighs apart and he grinned. “Yeah, but you love it. So wet.”

I pursed my lips. “That’s your cum. You guys have too much of it.”

Donovan growled. “Nix, in the drawer.”

Nix shifted to look in the bedside table. He pulled out a small package and grinned. He ripped it open swiftly, tossed the packaging on the floor and held up the item.

A butt plug. Instantly, I clenched down thinking about that shiny metal object going inside me. There.

Donovan grabbed it as Nix pulled out a small bottle of lube from the drawer.

“Guys,” I said warily, trying to squirm off Donovan’s lap.

“Don’t move, Kitty Kat. You liked it when Nix played with your ass earlier, so you’ll like this too.”