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Mountain Darkness (Wild Mountain Men 1) Vanessa Vale 2022/7/22 14:36:54

I wasn’t so sure about that, and when he got it all slicked up and pressing against my back entrance, I gasped.

Nix moved closer so he could play with my pussy as Donovan slowly worked the plug inside me. “I can feel all our cum in her.”

It was too much. I was so sensitive after coming earlier. Those awakened nerve endings fired back to life, and I squirmed now for an entirely different reason.

The plug slipped into place with a silent pop and I begged. Yes, begged. I was so close to coming and both of them were touching me. How did they know how to work my body so easily, giving me incredible pleasure? A finger brushed my clit as the plug was bumped.

I came, clenching down on the hard plug and the insistent finger. Sweat bloomed on my skin and I felt wantonly… incredible.

Their hands moved away when the feelings subsided. I was a panting, clenching, sweaty mess. Again.

Donovan picked me up and set me back between them so fast, my breasts bounced, the plug shifted deep inside me. He growled.

His gaze was dark, intense. “Seeing that plug stretch you open, knowing our cum’s in you, filling you up, coming out…”

Nix shifted on the bed. “Finish your pizza. You’re going to need your strength.”

It was my turn to squirm because the plug was keeping me really aroused. They wanted me, again, and god, I wanted them. I reached for my piece and took another bite. I wanted the orgasms I knew they’d give me, but I also wanted to talk. “You’re worried that Dolly knows about us,” I said, circling back to their earlier unease.

Donovan went to the bathroom and I heard the sink come on. When he returned, he grabbed his glass of water from the bedside table, took a drink. “Do you know how long we’ve wanted to be with you? Fantasized fucking you, putting a plug in your ass? Hell, fucking your ass and pussy at the same time?”

“I…” I had to assume as long as I wanted them.

Donovan’s pale gaze held mine. “But the murder investigation is a problem.”

All pleasure evaporated. Oh yeah. The murder. “Because I’m a suspect,” I replied.

“Because if anyone finds out we’re together, the case could be compromised.” Nix went to the bathroom, washed his hands.

“Then why are we here like this?”

Nix came back out, grinned. “I could remind you, but the cum coating your thighs is doing the job.”

“Don’t forget that gorgeous ass with the plug deep inside,” Donovan added.

“We want you. Want to marry you, and we don’t want Erin’s murder to get in the way of that.”

The pizza got stuck in my throat. I crawled over to Donovan’s glass and took a big swallow. “Marry?” I asked, finally.

They both looked at me. Big, brawny, their chests bare, washboard abs on display.

“You’re not a one-night stand, Kitty Kat.”

Since it had already been two nights, I didn’t think so. But marriage?

Donovan’s brow winged up and he patted his lap. “Do you need a spanking again to believe us? Maybe a bigger plug?”

Maybe a Monday night was quiet and that was why no one bothered me on my shift at the diner. But Tuesday’s lunch crowd was brutal. Not because it was busy. Even though it had been over a year since I’d waitressed, I was used to it. What I wasn’t used to were the whispers behind my back.

How could she have slept through a murder?