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Mountain Darkness (Wild Mountain Men 1) Vanessa Vale 2022/7/22 14:36:58

Oh. My. God. Nix’s mouth on my pussy was incredible, his tongue was magical. I’d been wet for them ever since they said the word love back in the storeroom. Hell, I’d been wet for them for years. But now, nothing stood in the way of us being together.

The murderer was behind bars. Donovan had quit because of me. Nix probably got demoted. They were adamant about the change. And they’d done it before the guy had confessed, meaning they hadn’t done it because of the case, but because they’d compromised. For me.

As Nix continued to eat me out, Donovan flopped down on the bed, head on the pillows. My mouth was right by his dick, which was sticking straight up. Turning my head, I tried to take him in my mouth. I wanted to feel the silky hardness of him against my tongue, to have the burst of pre-cum coat my tongue. To get him so worked up he lost his mind.

“Nix, get her up here,” Donovan growled, tipping my chin away from my goal. “If she gets that hot mou

th on me, it’ll all be over before we claim her together.

My pussy clenched at the idea and Nix groaned. He slapped my ass, not hard, but to get me moving. “Climb on Donovan’s cock. Take it for a ride while I get all lubed up to take that ass.”

I climbed up Donovan’s body as Nix went to the bathroom, came back with a flip top plastic bottle of lube. He was all dark skin, rippling muscles and hard dick. When he saw me staring, he grinned. “Ready for me to get in your ass?”

I glanced at his dick again. Long. Thick. That head was so much broader than the plug they’d used the other night. Could he fit?

“Kitty Kat, we’ll get you all hot and ready for him.” Donovan turned my attention back to him. “Climb on and get my dick nice and wet.”

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I was apprehensive about Nix’s intentions, but I trusted them. I remembered what it had felt like when he’d used his finger there. I’d come so hard and so fast. But that wasn’t anything like the size of his dick.

“Come on, Kitty Kat,” Donovan said, hooking my hip and pulling me toward him. I straddled his hips shifted so he was at my entrance. He slipped in an inch or so, stretching me open. Looking down, I watched his jaw clench, his eyes flare with heat.

I bit my lip and lowered myself down, took him all the way in until I sat upon his lap.

“Good girl. Fuck me.”

I rode him then, hands on his chest, moving and feeling so damned good.

“That’s it. You’re right where I want you, right where you belong.”

Nix moved onto the bed, dropping the bottle of lube by my calf and within reach.

“Between us,” Donovan continued.

He was right. This was where I belonged. “I love you,” I whispered. “Both of you.”

A smile spread across his face and he pulled me down for a kiss. I clenched down on him and he groaned as his tongue found mine.

I gasped as Nix’s finger brushed my entrance. “It’s time, Kit, to make you ours.”

I couldn’t nod, but only relaxed, lying on Donovan’s chest and allowing Nix’s finger to slip into me. He’d slicked it with lube to prepare me.

Lifting my head, I gasped. “So full,” I moaned and glanced over my shoulder.

Nix’s gaze was on my ass, probably watching as his finger disappeared inside me. He could also see how Donovan’s cock filled me, stretched me wide.

“Not yet, Kit, but you will be,” Nix promised.

He slowly fucked my ass with that finger, adding lube and then a second finger to prepare me. Donovan lifted and lowered me just a few inches so he rubbed over every delicious place inside me.

Finally, Nix asked, “Ready?”

“Good girl,” he replied.

“Kiss me some more, Kitty Kat,” Donovan said. “In just a minute you’ll belong to both of us. Nothing’s separating us again.”