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Mountain Darkness (Wild Mountain Men 1) Vanessa Vale 2022/7/22 14:36:58

She was so fucking tight. Her pussy walls clenched and milked my dick. I had been close to coming before I ever got inside her, but now I was practically considering baseball stats not to blow my load too soon.

Nix had hooked her hip so her ass was tilted just right for him to get in her ass. As I kissed Kit, I could feel him press against her, then get the head of his dick into her. I felt every inch of it, only a thin membrane separating us. Kit stiffened in my hold, her lips stilled on mine as she moaned.

“I’m in. Fuck, Kit, you’re so tight.”

She was, like a fist. Hot. Wet. Perfect. And the feel of her, all soft, lush curves. Plump breasts pressed into my chest. The scent of her arousal and the musk of fucking filled the air around us.

I tried not to move, to give Nix time to work his dick into her no-longer virgin ass.

He kept dribbling more lube onto her, some of it sliding down to get on the base of my dick and I’d fuck it into her.

“I’m so full,” she moaned, her dark eyes meeting mine. Her lips were red and swollen, her cheeks flushed.

“You did it, Kitty Kat. You’ve got both your men in you. You make us one. Whole. A family.”

She nodded, her sweaty hair falling around her face. “Want to come?”

My hands slid from her hips to her ass, cupping those perfect cheeks and pulling them open for Nix.

As Nix pulled almost out, I thrust deep, then reversing direction so we alternated our in and out motions.

Kit moaned, begged, whimpered as we took her, slowly and carefully. It was too much for me. I gritted my teeth not to come, but she was too much. We’d been waiting too long. It was better than I ever imagined. Loving her.

I came on a shout, emptying myself deep inside her pussy. My mind was blown, but her pleas for something, anything, had me reaching between us, brushing my thumb over her clit.

Just a press and she came. I could feel her milking my cock, my cum slipping from her as she did so. I knew Nix could feel it as well, that he had superhero powers if he could keep from coming as her inner walls worked us over.

He couldn’t. He was a mere mortal when it came to Kit and came on a deep thrust. I felt him throbbing, filling her up.

Kit dropped her head to my chest, her breathing ragged. Her sweaty skin stuck to mine. Nix sounded as if he’d run a marathon as he carefully pulled out. Kit gasped and I stroked my hand up and down her damp back. My cock, softening slightly, was still inside her. It was a great place to be because as soon as she caught her breath, I’d fuck her again.

I wasn’t done with her. I never would be.

“Kitty Kat,” I said. She lifted her head and her eyes met mine. “Forever.”

She looked to me, up at Nix who’d just returned from the bathroom with a wet washcloth. “Forever.”

“Fuck, yes,” Nix added, making her laugh.

The sweetest sound in the world.

The past two days have been incredible. Donovan and Nix had let me out of bed… barely. I made it to my shifts at the diner on time… barely. I’d met with Wendy and her sister for the initial planning of her engagement party. Nix had filed paperwork to open his own business.

We’d stayed at Nix’s, but he continued to talk about buying a bigger house. But it had been two days. Just two days. Two amazing days. I still had nightmares, but they were there to wake me, soothe me, hold me close until I fell back asleep.

Nix had said he’d pick up Chinese for dinner, so Donovan and I were in the kitchen, setting out plates, getting silverware and drinks. We’d also been kissing. A lot. When Nix came through the front door, I was on the counter with Donovan between my parted knees. His hands were under my shirt and cupping my breasts.

“I’m hungry for Kitty Kat right now. Chinese later,” Donovan called to Nix while grinning at me.