The Noble Spy (London Season Matchmaker 2)

author:Lucy Adams Genre:historical|romance Last update time:2022/7/22 11:44:24

After witnessing a murder, fighting for her life and being rescued by a stranger, Miss Titania Wells has had quite the spectacular start to her Season! Titania relishes in the attention she garners during the London Season. Especially when the sought-after Lord Huckleby seeks her out. Unfortunately, she cannot forget the mysterious stranger who saved her from her death, even though she can’t quite remember his face. At a young age, Edward Carroway decided to turn from his title and fortune in order to serve his country. He has no interest in being called ‘Lord Carroway’ and engaging in the frivolous company of society. However, when Miss Wells sweeps into his life, everything changes – especially when he discovers she is in danger from the one man that has always eluded him! How will Edward manage this strange new affection that has captured his heart? And will he be able to keep Titania safe from the French spy he loathes?