About US

One Novel-World in your pocket

Why we built this website?

One Novel team is a group of young people who like reading novels very much. We are so exciting to share those wonderful novels with all of you, that is a kind of great satisfaction to let people read these good book. We hope there will be more convenient for us to understand the others in the whole word, so we choose authors from different countries, such as US, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

Where can you share your opinions about the book you read?

One Novel has a fans page in Facebook, you can join it and discuss the novels or other things you want to share, the admin will sent you some benefits there, please stay tuned and to the pinned messages and discussion in One Facebook groups. On the other hand, if you invite your friend to this group, you can get some bonus from our admin. We also share free good novels there, you can read 2 free chapters in our fans page. One Novel hope you can have a good reading times with your friends.

By the way, we also has a Telegram group, we share free chapters there, too. If you want to read more free novels, please follow Ana Novel in Facebook.

The Romance novels for female

One Novel takes into serious consideration the reading habits of female readers and their aesthetic demands with the aim of providing fascinating stories in a variety of genres for female readers. We have created a female oriented reading platform where female writers can find the inspiration to create new worlds for female readers.

You can find a lot of different genres stories in One Novel, such as Werewolf/Vampire, Billionaire/CEO, Boss, Mafia/Gang, Revenge, Reborn, Steamy love, Marriage contract, Affair/Cheat, LGBT+,etc.

Books for men

One novel not only have romance stories for girls, we also provide some hot and popular stories for boys. If you like Wuxia, Xuhuan, Xianxia, System, Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Military, Adventure, Adult,Game, Mystery, you can click into our website and APP to search more wonderful novels.

Why coins?

Due to the presence of new forms of media, printed press is becoming obsolete. Nowadays, it has lost much of its past significance and in no way can offer long term financial guarantees to new writers.

Readers can get the chance to read the first chapters of an online novel before deciding whether to support an author by purchasing coins in order to continue reading his/her work. When writers get paid it encourages them to craft their works better, which benefits to the healthy development of the industry.