• The Prophet (The Cloister Trilogy 2)

    The Prophet (The Cloister Trilogy 2)

    I can’t save myself from the Cloister, and maybe I never could. The Prophet grows more dangerous by the day. His delusions are steeped in blood, and if I’m not careful, that blood will be my own. Despite the growing risk, I still continue the search for the truth, no matter if the thorny path eventually twists back to Adam, guilt in h


    Time:2022/8/10 15:12:58

  • A Secret Proposal (Falling for Sakura 2)

    A Secret Proposal (Falling for Sakura 2)

    When Sakura once again meets her gorgeous adoptive brothers, Sebastian and Darcy Princeton, forbidden feelings are awakened and an old flame ignites. When orphan Sakura Tanaka sneaks into a famous Japanese designer’s fashion show in order to meet her biological mother, she doesn’t anticipate a complication that will turn her world ups


    Time:2022/8/10 15:10:03

  • Faking It to Making It

    Faking It to Making It

    A dilemma, a deal… a date!  Charmer Nate Mackenzie is in the middle of a plus-one dilemma for his friend's wedding. Any of his recent dates would start dreaming of a solitaire for their own left hand. Worse, going stag will leave him at the mercy of a setup by his ever-hopeful sisters.  Discovering that Saskia Bloom is doin


    Time:2022/8/10 15:07:05

  • Second Helpings (Sweet Treats 4)

    Second Helpings (Sweet Treats 4)

    A MFM Menage Romance We did a filthy swap, and now she belongs to us. My brother Jack and I belong to a group called Dads and Daughters. The club is exclusive, very private, and a lot of fun. After all, as long-haul truckers, we need relief after sixteen-hour days on the road. That’s where the daughters come in. They meet our every need


    Time:2022/8/10 15:06:19

  • A Serving of Forever (Lights Camera Insta-love 3)

    A Serving of Forever (Lights Camera Insta-love 3)

    New York City firefighter Desmond Conlon is known among his sisters as the family prankster, but they’ve finally paid him back by nominating him as a contestant on a reality show for terrible bakers. Baking a decent cake with his huge baseball mit hands will be challenging enough, but the task proves almost impossible when Desmond can&rsquo


    Time:2022/8/10 15:05:46

  • Better than Sexy (The Sexy 3)

    Better than Sexy (The Sexy 3)

    Insta-love only happens in the movies. Insta-lust? That she’d buy into. Until she meets take-charge club owner Landon Bennett and falls head over heels at a glance. When hot as sin Landon Bennet offers sexy songstress Vivienne Clark a summer residency at his popular Manhattan nightclub, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and she ca


    Time:2022/8/10 15:05:12

  • Gone (Wake 3)

    Gone (Wake 3)

    Things should be great for Janie—she has graduated from high school and is spending her summer with Cabel, the guy she’s totally in love with. But deep down she’s panicking about how she’s going to survive her future when getting sucked into other people’s dreams is really starting to take its toll. Things get even m


    Time:2022/8/10 15:02:07

  • All Yours

    All Yours

    Every single time Nate Thomas saw Kori Richards from a distance, his body would freeze up, and everything else would disappear. There was only her. She’s a dog lover, made to make great things happen in their small community. When his nephew tells him Kori needs help at her animal shelter, he’s not going to miss his opportunity to ma


    Time:2022/8/10 14:55:41

  • Christmas with Her Millionaire Boss

    Christmas with Her Millionaire Boss

    The magic of Christmas…  Abandoned by his mother on Christmas Day, James Hammond wishes he could simply erase the date. So when his company buys a new toy store devoted to Christmas, he wants to seal the deal and get home. Until he finds himself injured and under the care of employee Noelle!  Nobody loves Christmas more than yo


    Time:2022/8/10 14:54:46

  • Winter Wedding for the Prince

    Winter Wedding for the Prince

    Crown Prince under the mistletoe… Crown Prince Armando s belief in love died along with his wife, but duty dictates he must remarry! He enlists royal assistant Rosa Lamberti to help him find a suitable candidate, but a sizzling kiss under the mistletoe with Rosa awakens feelings Armando thought long buried… After a difficult divor


    Time:2022/8/10 14:54:00