• Brother Odd (Odd Thomas 3)

    Brother Odd (Odd Thomas 3)

    Loop me in, odd one. The words, spoken in the deep of night by a sleeping child, chill the young man watching over her. For this was a favorite phrase of Stormy Llewellyn, his lost love, and Stormy is dead, gone forever from this world. In the haunted halls of the isolated monastery where he had sought peace, Odd Thomas is stalking spirits of an


    Time:2022/8/24 5:15:48

  • Postern of Fate (Tommy & Tuppence 5)

    Postern of Fate (Tommy & Tuppence 5)

    Tommy and Tuppence Beresford have just become the proud owners of an old house in an English village. Along with the property, they have inherited some worthless bric-a-brac, including a collection of antique books. While rustling through a copy of The Black Arrow, Tuppence comes upon a series of apparently random underlinings. However, when she


    Time:2022/8/24 5:05:27

  • By the Pricking of My Thumbs (Tommy & Tuppence 4)

    By the Pricking of My Thumbs (Tommy & Tuppence 4)

    While visiting Tommy's Aunt Ada at Sunny Ridge Nursing Home, Tuppence encounters some odd residents including Mrs. Lancaster who mystifies her with talk about "your poor child" and "something behind the fireplace". When Aunt Ada dies a few weeks later, she leaves Tommy and Tuppence a painting featuring a house, which Tupp


    Time:2022/8/24 5:03:59

  • Blood and Roses (Shadow Stalkers 3)

    Blood and Roses (Shadow Stalkers 3)

    When insurance investigator Anastasia Miller sets out to retrieve the rose- hued pink diamonds stolen in a recent heist, she finds herself working alongside former flame, deputy U.S. Marshal Jake Monroe-the man she loved enough to leave behind.


    Time:2022/8/24 4:51:32

  • Taking the Heat (Shadow Stalkers 2)

    Taking the Heat (Shadow Stalkers 2)

    From Sylvia Day, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Crossfire novels, comes Taking the Heat, a novella of the Shadow Stalkers—where men in uniform are trained to enforce the rules. Out of uniform, those rules are made to be broken. He had three days to fix everything. Three days to remind her of how good they were together. Sh


    Time:2022/8/24 4:50:42

  • Razor's Edge (Shadow Stalkers 1)

    Razor's Edge (Shadow Stalkers 1)

    From Sylvia Day, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Crossfire novels, comes Razor’s Edge, a novella of the Shadow Stalkers—where hearts are laid bare, where desire is a risk, and where love is born from the most intimate secrets… It wasn’t her fault he was strung out from wanting her… It was a cool n


    Time:2022/8/24 4:49:41

  • Towards Zero (Superintendent Battle 5)

    Towards Zero (Superintendent Battle 5)

    An elderly widow is murdered at a clifftop seaside house...What is the connection between a failed suicide attempt, a wrongful accusation of theft against a schoolgirl, and the romantic life of a famous tennis player? To the casual observer, apparently nothing. But when a houseparty gathers at Gull's Point, the seaside home of an elderly wido


    Time:2022/8/24 4:46:38

  • Murder Is Easy (Superintendent Battle 4)

    Murder Is Easy (Superintendent Battle 4)

    In a quiet English village, a killer is about to strike. Again and again. Officer Luke Fitzwilliam is on a train to London when he meets a strange woman. She claims there is a serial killer in the quiet village of Wychwood. He has already taken the lives of three people and is about claim his fourth victim. Fitzwilliam dismisses this as the ram


    Time:2022/8/24 4:45:34

  • Leave Me Breathless

    Leave Me Breathless

    From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the This Man series comes a sexy and emotional follow up to her wildly popular standalone romance The Protector. Ryan Willis has spent years in the protection business, a job that requires constant vigilance and quick thinking. His only chance to truly relax is at his secluded cabin in a small to


    Time:2022/8/24 3:22:12



    Our night of passion was unforgettable. I'd have loved more time with her, but she was a city girl passing through my lonely mountain village, only here to take photos of our festival. She had no reason to return. So when she shows up again months later, I'm stunned. Turns out her job sent her back with some unfinished business. I'd l


    Time:2022/8/24 3:17:00