• Her New Year Baby Secret

    Her New Year Baby Secret

    The Italian millionaire's secret heir!  Waitress Sophie Bradshaw is used to being ignored at glamorous parties and, bruised by a disastrous relationship, that's fine by her. Until Marco Santoro offers her his jacket, leading to a magical Christmas evening together…  Exasperated by his family's matchmaking, millionai


    Time:2022/8/8 13:12:40

  • Expecting the Earl's Baby

    Expecting the Earl's Baby

    Claiming his heir! It was the most incredible night of her life, but Daisy Huntingdon-Cross never expected to see her Valentine fling again. Except six weeks later Daisy's world is turned upside down—she's pregnant! She just needs to tell the father… Yet the man she knew as "Seb" has a few revelations of his own.


    Time:2022/8/8 13:10:01

  • A Royal World Apart

    A Royal World Apart

    Book 1 in The Call of Duty trilogy When duty wars with desire, which one wins? With her life mapped out since birth, Princess Evangelina Drakos—known for her dramatic flair—hopes the minor scandal she plans to create will deter potential suitors. Hired for Eva's security, unemotional bodyguard Makhail Nabatov never makes a mist


    Time:2022/8/8 12:59:22

  • A Very Exclusive Engagement

    A Very Exclusive Engagement

    This is the fifth story in the popular, multi-author series, Daughters of Power: The Capital. "What happens in the elevator, stays in the elevator, right?" Trapped between floors with his spitfire employee, media mogul Liam Crowe can't control the chemistry. First, Francesca Orr is calling her new boss names in the boardroom; nex


    Time:2022/8/8 12:47:35

  • Rock All Night (The Rock Star's Seduction 2)

    Rock All Night (The Rock Star's Seduction 2)

    Part 2 of the Rock Star's Seduction series, and sequel to Rock Me Hard! Four years after their passionate night together, Kaitlyn is finally face to face with Derek Kane once again. She’s a struggling journalist. He’s the biggest rock star in the world. And he has an offer for her… but there’s a price. Kaitlyn is w


    Time:2022/8/8 12:17:11

  • Olivia (Babysitter’s Club 3)

    Olivia (Babysitter’s Club 3)

    I was supposed to be the babysitter, that’s what they told me. What they didn’t tell me, is that they were at the tail end of a bitter divorce and that I would be caught in the middle of a cold war between two parents and children who had already chosen sides, but because of the law, had no real say in what they did. I’d been hi


    Time:2022/8/8 12:15:42

  • By My Side

    By My Side

    Marcella Abbot has worked for Sean Winquist for more than a year. As his personal assistant, she manages nearly every aspect of his life. He’s a dom and she’s a submissive. Through their year working together, they’ve become friends and colleagues, but Marcella yearns for more. She’s in love with Sean, and she’s frus


    Time:2022/8/3 13:56:59

  • Billionaires in Paris

    Billionaires in Paris

    This is a romance novella that can be read on its own or in conjunction with the rest of the Dom Vs. Domme storyline. Hot on the heels of a huge blunder in Vegas, heiress Kathryn and billionaire boyfriend Ian escape to Paris for that romantic getaway they still crave. They're not the only ones. Kathryn's ex-boyfriend and sub Martin is


    Time:2022/8/3 13:56:28

  • His Lover's Little Secret

    His Lover's Little Secret

    She's kept her baby secret for two years… But even after a chance run-in forces her to confront the father of her son, Sabine Hayes refuses to give in to all of Gavin Brooks's demands. His power and his wealth won't turn her head this time. She'll let him get to know Jared, but she won't go back to Gavin's privileg


    Time:2022/8/3 13:54:46

  • The Temptation of Savannah O'Neill

    The Temptation of Savannah O'Neill

    A family's bad reputation is tough to shake off. Just ask Savannah O'Neill. Despite her straitlaced job as a librarian, despite her living a private life, the O'Neill family wildness still sparks town gossip. And the arrival of Matt Woods--sexy handyman and complete stranger--isn't helping. Watching him work makes Savannah long t


    Time:2022/8/3 13:53:10